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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Jill tagged me in a bookworm post, so here I go!

1. Open the closest book - not a favorite or most intellectual book, but the closest at the moment - to page 56.

2. Write out the fifth sentence on the page, as well as the two to five sentences following.

3. Then open your ms to page 56 and write out the fifth sentence, as well as two to five additional ones.

4. Tag five (or more) buddies to do this same exercise.

*drum roll*

1) The closest book to me was Mythology by Edith Hamilton. I use it as research for practically everything I write. Greatest resource tool EVER.

2) "Zeus was madly in love with her [Semele] and told her that anything she asked of him he would do; he swore it by the river Styx, the oath which not even he himself could break. She told him that what she wanted above all else was to see him in his full splendor as King of Heaven and Lord of the Thunderbolt. It was Hera who had put that wish into her heart."

That basically sums up all of Zeus's trysts with human girls.

3) This is from Stream Pirates, just after Lu (my protagonist) goes to the pirate Yazoo for help finding her father.

"But I-"
Yazoo gave me one final shove through the door of the engine room. "Go shovel. You said you trusted me."
His boots thumped down the hall and up the stairs, leaving me alone with the chug-chugging and Ron. When I turned to Ron, he was back to shoveling coal into the furnace. Not a glance in my direction, not a word of explanation on the best way to go about it.
I looked back at the door, saw no sign of a returning Yazoo or a shout of "Gotcha!", and pulled my shoulders back. Fine.

4) I hereby dub the following to be bookwormed: Nikki Hensley, Jen Hayley, and...um...this is embarrassing. My list of blog friends is sadly small. So I shall have to cede to just tagging two people. Hm.


Nikki said...

Wait, are any of your loyal readers going to want to follow that link you gave them to my page? In that case, I may have to unblock it... and start writing more about my book and less about my boy troubles. :)

Also - (and I don't know why I keep asking you this on the blog instead of via our usual email) I know how to link to websites, but how do you get those cute little pictures to show up at the beginning of each of your posts? I tried, but nothing happened. And I am way jealous of your layout and am going to find something equally cool (and figure out how to put it up)

Sara Raasch said...

For the pictures: you have to save whatever picture you want (I get all mine from http://users.livejournal.com/eternalphoenix_/ ) then, when you're posting a new blog, click on the little picture icon along the tool bar and it'll ask you to upload a photo from a file. Should work!

Teehee, maybe having other readers will also motivate you to finish Keeping Sedalia?

Kiersten White said...

I'm just laughing over the AWESOME editing of your video blog. At first I was like, yeah, talking to the camera, brave girl.

And then the title! And the segues! So great.

Even your blog layout is cool. Oh yeah, also, hey, what's up?

Sara Raasch said...

Kiersten! I totally just clicked off of your blog after adding you. You're fast!

Teehee, thanks for liking my vlog :) Two days of work. Two days. I have no life.

Oh, not much is up. WIPs, of course. Mine likes to hover above me, mocking me about how unfinished it is.

Kiersten White said...

You should punch it in the stomach and steal its wallet while it's bent over in pain.

I mean...umm...you should finish it and have the last laugh. That's right, that's what I meant.