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Thursday, December 4, 2008


Wednesday, Oct 8, 2008

Okay all you avid readers out there, here's your chance to go down in history! Or at least in one of my books!

My latest project is that geo-mythological pirate tale I hinted about on my homepage. Whilst I love getting immersed in the world of piratic expeditions, this particular world consists of many different river systems. That being the case, I am running out of creative/pronounceable names for these rivers. So, this is where the contest comes in:

Step 1: Leave me a comment to this blog telling me your favorite Greek/Norse/Roman/etc myth

Step 2: The first, oh, let's say 10 people will get a river named after them! (This name may be a variation of your name, ie: "Robert" may be shortened to "Bob", "Katherine" to "Rine" or "Kath", and so on.)

Come on, people! How often do you have the opportunity to get an entire RIVER named after you?

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