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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fantastic Friday!

Friday, Nov 21, 2008

This week's fantastic Friday is...well...twisted. That's a good word for it.

Thing #1) "Twilight" came out at 12:01am last night. Yes, I saw it. Yes, I was one of the lucky people to leave the theater to find my car half buried beneath snow. And yes, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed giggling about. I enjoyed giggling AT it. Ahem.

For the sake of not bashing it entirely, I'm going to go about a very backwards way of saying what I thought of it.

-It could have been a lot better had the cast known they were making fun of themselves.
-The best scene was by far when Charlie cocked his gun before Edward came in the house. (ie: That is where the movie peaked.)
-The best actor in the entire movie was Charlie, followed closely by all of the supporting cast.
-Jacob's sparkling white teeth were more attractive/fear-inducing than Edward's glittery skin.
-Because of the above teeth reference, if I ever run into a vampire now, instead of cowering in terror, I will point and laugh.
-Every preteen will now believe the definition of "love" is to look at someone. Deep.

Sitting so close to the screen I felt like I was in Edward Cullen's nose isn't exactly the best place to get an objective opinion of the movie, so there is a POSSIBILITY I will see it again. For now, it is going on my list of movies to watch when I want to make fun of something. Also on that list are Clash of the Titans and Eragon.

Thing #2) Stats for Blind are now: 2 partials, 1 full. Teehee. The fact that I have 1 full out is not the reason I keep checking my email every ten minutes and turning the ringer up on my phone, just in case. Psh.

Thing #3) Thanksgiving Break is next week. Thank GOD.

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