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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fantastic Friday!

Friday, Nov 14, 2008

This week is semi-more fantastic than last week. Cheers.

Thing #1) Miss Snark's First Victim is having another Secret Agent contest on her blog which you can check out here. I entered Blind into it for the second time. I am getting good reactions, hence the reason this is one of the "fantastic" things that happened this week. On a not-so-fantastic note, the opening sentences of Blind seem to be confusing a handful of people for the same reason: if it's all a dream, your character loses credibility. So I am going to, once and for all, put to rest WHY the opening lines are what they are. Firstly, the opening is:

"I'm not going to call this a memoir. I'm going to call it what it was: a dream. One long dream interspersed with brief, jarring moments of reality that faded until they were as black as the ice that freezes on the highway. You can't see it, but it's there, and it'll kill you if you don't go slowly."

Yes, it mentions dreams. Yes, it has my protagonist saying that her life FEELS like one long dream. This is the important part. FEELS LIKE. The entire premise of this story is that Beth falls in love with the dead Cameron, who is only able to visit her when she is asleep. Therefore, the most exciting time of her life is when she is dreaming -- WITH/OF HIM. Reality, when she wakes up, becomes more and more fuzzy. It's dangerous, because she becomes so wrapped up in dreaming that she forgets about reality, ie: the ice on the highway. She can't see it, but it's there, and if she ignores it long enough, it'll kill her. How will it kill her? Well, buy it once it gets published and find out. The important thing is that no, the entire book is not one long dream. Beth's dreams merely become more important to her than "real life."

Wow, that was a long "thing." The last four things will be short to balance it out.

Thing #2) My hair is now red.

Thing #3) I am up over 10,000 words for NaNoWriMo [edited later: just kidding. Chopped it down to 6,000. uhoh]. Okay, maybe that's not fantastic, but I'm thrilled I stopped fiddling around with the map that goes with Stream Pirates long enough to write.

Thing #4) Four weeks until the end of the semester! Thank God. If I had to sit through five more weeks of classes, I would develop a bruise on my forehead from pounding my head onto the desk.

Thing #5) 6 days, 9 hours, 27 minutes until Twilight!! Oh my gosh, you don't even KNOW.

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