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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fantastic Friday!

Friday, Nov 28, 2008

This week's fantastic Friday is down to the wire. I blame Black Friday and the need to spend money on people other than myself. Well, ALMOST on people other than myself. That hat in Rue 21 was calling to me...and those clearance Old Navy shirts...


Thing #1) I saw Twilight again. And didn't despise it as much the second time, mainly because I could actually SEE the movie and wasn't shoved so close to the screen I felt like I was in Edward Cullen's nose. There were still parts that made me groan (love-professing forest scene) and snort loudly while the rest of the theater was dead silent (Bella's hospital freak out. Over-acting, much?). But overall, it wasn't horrible. Here's to New Moon; may it draw attention to the fact that Edward is a very nearly abusive boyfriend and a stalker, and Jacob is just so, so much better for Bella. Or me.

PS and a Spoiler: Bella is not in love with Edward. She is in lust with him. Had to clarify. This bothers me greatly.

Thing #2) Hearing my sister go "He's a VAMPIRE!" halfway through Twilight when she figured it out. Apparently she hadn't seen any of the trailers and hadn't read the book and had managed to avoid any conversation about the book since it became so huge. Her evasive skills are so good, she should be accepted to the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women.

Thing #3) Thanksgiving! Pie!

Thing #4) I'm making progress on Stream Pirates! 15,000 words and counting. I plan to re-devote my life to it once I get out of this pestering thing they call school. Blast homework.

Thing #5) I have a super-cool Christmas-themed video blog in the works. Teehee. It will be around sometime in December.

Happy Black Friday and Belated Thanksgiving, all!

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