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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blog of the DWM

Monday, Sep 29, 2008

Drum roll...

And the blog I have chosen to receive my coveted DWM* award is that of Nathan Bransford**, for a number of reasons, the first being I just discovered how to link words to web pages and wanted to try it out. The second being that I absolutely adore his break-down of a query letter. The third being that he has compiled a lot of excellent resources for writers/authors, such as how to write a synopsis and your rights as an author. So bravo, Monsieur Bransford. Many have tried to reach the DWM status, and many have failed.

*For those of you just tuning in, DWM stands for Day/Week/Month.
**In case anyone was wondering, this was not a sly attempt to suck up, should Nathan Bransford ever read my blog. Psh. How dare you even suggest that.

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