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Monday, January 18, 2010

So, uh, about that comeback...

So that big return-to-the-blogging-world surge I experienced? Um. Yeah. Not so much anymore. I feel morally compelled to do this, seeing as I have numerous gorgeous followers upon whom I would like to bestow much well-wishes and warm-hearted I LOVE YOU's, and would not like for any of them to feel lead on, misused, or disappointed in any way, shape or form. It is with a heavy heart and a slow typing hand that I then must regretfully submit my official:


Effective immediately. My life has become far more chaotic than I thought it would be, and it does not look to be slowing down any time in the foreseeable future. Thus, I now reserve the right to blog at completely random, non-sequential times and about completely random, non-sequential things. I do apologize. If you have any complaints or concerns, please submit them to my secretary on your way out.

All My Love,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have about 25 minutes until class starts. Le sigh. The entire point of scheduling classes back to back was to avoid these long stretches of NOTHING. Bright side: long stretches of nothing give me time to blog about nothing. Win.


Hm. Maybe not. I'll let you be the judge.

Anyway, since my brain is still on writing hiatus (Max? Crystal? Lu? Anyone?) I spend most of my free time (ha! What's free time again?) doing completely un-writing-related stuffs. Like reading horoscopes.

I know horoscopes are a borderline-touchy subject. Because horoscopes lead to religion, and religion leads to giant, flailing, blubbery masses of angry blog trolls. I don't want blubber blog trolls here, so I'll define the parameters of this horoscope talk:

1) I don't hold any religious belief to horoscopes.
2) I read horoscopes for one reason and one reason only: they're funny. FUNNY. Not real and life-altering and important. Funny. Funny in that sometimes they're freakish right, and sometimes they're freakish wrong. I realize that this is simply statistical probability; if someone were to say one prediction every day for a year, they would eventually get one right.

Now, on to horoscopes. Mine for today made me chuckle in a wow-they-must-be-stalking-me way:

"You're itching to jump ahead quickly -- but you can tell that you can't do so just yet. It's a good time for you to marshal your resources and wait a little longer until you know the time is right."

Grr. If you've read any of my Twitter posts recently, you know how much I loathe and detest and very much dislike school. I would give anything for someone to go "You've wasted enough time/money on this worthless degree. Here's your diploma now." I'm very much itching to get ahead quickly and be done with this %#@#% thing.

Sorry. Sore subject.

What about ya'll? Do you read your horoscope? Do you chuckle when it's something good or cringe when it's something bad? For instance, this year is supposed to be 38% favorable, with 10 unfavorable months and 2 favorable for me. That's fun. I choose to reject that prediction, thank you.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Thanks for the hearty re-welcome, guys! Makes me feel all warm and special and stuff, and reminded me that taking such a long leave of absence from writing/blogging is bad. Bad, bad. But now I should at least have loads to blog about, yes?

Um. Sure.

Since the entire month of December I was basically AWOL from every aspect of writing, I have no new insights into that world. No revelations. Just lots of concern. Heaping, massive amounts of concern that continue to make my chest tighten.

See: I haven't written anything in a MONTH. A month, people. And not only that, but my motivation has gone *ffwwwwpt* (that was supposed to be the sound of something deflating. Just FYI). I've been in denial for about a month. Maybe it was just the holiday chaos? Maybe it was just life stress? Maybe it was just back-to-school madness? Maybe it was just Puppy's mind-control making me want to play with her instead of spend time with Max or Lu? Maybe maybe maybe.

Whatever the reason, I feel utterly out of the loop. I spent some time with Yazoo and Lu today, and realized just how much they've grown in my absence. Their hair is longer. Yazoo is a little taller. My oh my, you turn around and they sprout up without you even knowing...


But anyway, I'm trying to ease back in. Jumping back in all at once (while still trying to balance school/work/a newly-discovered social life) would be painfully overwhelming and just make my chest hurt even more. Baby steps, folks. Baby steps it will be.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh, Hi. Who are you?

*rubs eyes* *squints* *rubs eyes again*

Um...where I am? It's so cold and damp and...bright.

*digs sunglasses out of purse because a lady always has sunglasses in her purse*

There, that's better.

Oh, I'm sorry, horribly rude of me. Introductions, yes. I'm Sara. And you are? Don't be shy now. We're all friends here. *shifty eyes* I think.

Oh! It's all coming back to me now. I used to blog here, or something, right? And -- what? I used to be witty and clever? Oh, you're too kind! Surely I wasn't THAT witty. Now, now, we MUST be friends. Or you must be trying to suck up for something. I can't tell. You're not just sucking up? Okay. I'll pretend I believe you.

But back to that apparent blogging thing -- what was that about?

*scrolls through past posts*

Man, I WAS witty. Downright hysterical, if I do say so. Well, you don't have to call me pompous! I was agreeing with what you just said! I KNEW you were only sucking up. Fiend. Fine, I'll just talk to my OTHER blog followers.

*turns to other blog followers*

Hi guys. Apparently it's also, like, 2010 or something? And apparently a lot of stuff has kind of happened, like books coming out and deals getting made. Garsh. I feel positively out of the loop. Might I trouble you all to fill me in? What have I missed?

While I await your news-giving, here is proof that I have been alive, if not blogging, in the past month.


Oh, Mr. Jefferson, you Casanova, you.