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Thursday, April 14, 2011


So this is me. Posting MORE BLOGS.

Knowing me and all my, well, Sara-ness, it will be metaphysically impossible (and even a bit theologically impossible, maybe even *gasp* anatomically impossible) (no I'm not just throwing fancy words around) for me to post MORE BLOGS without a set schedule and certain expectations for set schedule. Because I'm like that. This being the case, I must come up with certain topics that can be talked about on a weekly basis without becoming as overdone as love triangles.


So, my schedule o' Topics.

Mondays: M is for Marketing -- In which I selfishly promote some book that I am either SUPER SUPER excited about or LOVED LOVED AND ADORED. Or both.

Wednesdays: What am I Writing? The Wedneday Word -- In which I keep myself motivated to actually, you know, write by holding myself accountable to all ya'll with tales of writing wonder or woe. And the overuse of the letter "w."

As I go on, I may add days to the schedule if I come across topics I just must talk about. But until then, this is what you may expect. Be excited.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011



So, turns out moving across the country is hard work. There's all these things you don't account for (like freak snowstorms in Missouri) and all these things you do account for but don't really REALLY account for (like just how LONG LONG OHMYGAWD LONG Kansas is) (seriously Kansas people, HOW DO YOU STAND LIVING THERE?) (No, I'm not still bitter). But overall, it's one of those soul-enlightening experiences that sticks with you.

For better or worse (definitely better now), for richer or poorer (mostly poorer), in sickness and in health (mostly sick -- stupid *cough* dry *cough* climate *cough*), til death do us part (or, you know, until I move somewhere else), I hereby pronounce Utah my new home.

*raises a glass or kisses the bride or whatever should be done in this situation*

Know how I knew I'd made the right decision? I came up with the next scene in SLIP NOT, my YA paranormal ghost story. Yup. I haven't had a scene pop into my head in, well, calculate how long it's been since I finished STREAM PIRATE. I'm telling ya, there's magic in the air here. Magic writing air. *breathes in deep*

So even though Kansas is a soul-killing drive that sums up America in its billboards (porn shops, shoe stores, antique malls, and "foot-high pie" diners), and even though Missouri tried to kill Natalie and I, and even though we may have spat curses upon every driver from Grand Junction to Salt Lake (those last hours are a bit of a blur), the drive was worth it, the transition was worth it, and the overall craziness of the last month was worth it. Because I'm happy, yo.

And I haven't been able to say that for a long, long time.