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Thursday, December 18, 2008

This Blog Layout Won't Let Me Capitalize Titles

One week until...CHRISTMAS!

Not that I'm excited or anything.

Okay, enough mindless internet procrastinating. To the WIP!


Nikki said...

Four sentences do NOT count as internet procrastinating. Check out my blog for how it's done.

Sara Raasch said...

No, it wasn't just posting this post. It was surfing various websites, re-reading other people's blogs, etc. And I still haven't gotten to my WIP yet. Shame, shame on me.

Jill Wheeler said...

To the WiP! Get to work, lady!

And Merry Christmas to you, too! Are you going to eat the gingerbread house?

Sara Raasch said...

Am I going to eat the gingerbread house? That annoyingly cheerful representation of the hours (days) I spent making the video blog for it? Nope. Also because it's beyond rock-hard now. More like diamond-hard. Impenetrable. They should build prisons out of gingerbread and icing.