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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Road Trip

A Writer's Activities Whilst Road-Tripping, In Time-Released Form

DEPART: Hour 1: Hey, this is kind of nice. Getting away. Seeing new sights. Oh look, vegetation!

Hour 2: *jams to Rise Against on iPod*

Hour 3: *watches Dollhouse on iPod* Technology is SO COOL. *watches more*

Hour 4: *digs for snack in cooler* *realizes only snack is a stale bag of Bugles* *decides to wait for next restaurant*

Hour 5: *jams to Hollywood Undead on iPod*

Hour 6: *eyes Bugles*

Hour 7: *feels very sick after eating Bugles*

Hour 8: OHMIGAWD so. much. vegetation.


Hour 10: West Virginia must have been established as a government ploy to infect the unsuspecting population with carsickness.

Hour 11: *eats more Bugles* *cranks iPod* *realizes she's jamming to Miley Cyrus* *continues jamming*

ARRIVE: Hour 12: Oh, hey. No, the drive was fine. Lots of pretty sights. And stuff. *sniffs* Is that ham? I smell ham. Want a Bugle?


Adam Heine said...

12 hours. That's quite a road trip. And now I want an iPod.

Hayley Lovell said...

I love really long road trips (as long as I don't drive, panic attacks+car= bad idea) I hope you didn't drive the whole way. But it sounds like you had a good time, and yes I would like a Bugle.

Jill Wheeler said...

Mmmmm, Bugles. But 12 hours in the car sounds like hell. I guess you don't have a 9 month old to the whole time, though.

Anonymous said...

This shall be me next weekend on our trip to Hilton Head. Thankfully we're splitting our trip and stopping at a friend's house in WV. And we're listening to Harry Potter on the way, which makes the trip go by MUCH faster!

Natalie Whipple said...

Ew, bugles. I guess the days of car games are gone, aren't they.