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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

*drum roll* Universe Deal

Thanks for all the great (and frightening) UNIVERSE DEAL ideas! They really got my deal-making juices a-flowing. And, after much deliberation and nail-biting and mulling over, I have settled on a UNIVERSE DEAL.

Jade came up with the most shudder-inducing DEAL idea (no clue why I feel the need to capitalize UNIVERSE DEAL every time I type it. It's just THAT IMPORTANT, I guess. UNIVERSE, I MEAN BUSINESS):

"You could act for a pirate for the day, clothes, arghhhs and all. But. You'd have to leave the house and associate with people. And. You couldn't start every interaction with "I'm doing this because I got a book deal." You'd need to channel the pirate."

Right? That sounds like a DEAL that would guarantee the Universe to come through on its end. But I don't think I have the resolve/commitment/confidence/ability-to-ignore-quizzical-expressions that would be necessary to be a pirate for an entire day. That, and I work a lot, and piratic apparel/slang is not something the company would approve of. (I know -- why am I working for a company that doesn't approve of piratic apparel/slang? The sacrifices we make...)

So, I have a compromise.

My UNIVERSE DEAL, now and forevermore:

I, Sara Raasch, blogger, writer, and dreamer extraordinaire, do so solemnly swear that if the UNIVERSE comes through and gets me a book deal, I will get my ears re-pierced.

Now, I know what you're thinking.


But let me explain a few things.

1) I got my ears pierced when I was...13? ish? And I never, ever, ever remembered to wear earrings, and they grew over, and I wasn't the least bit saddened by this. I'm not a huge jewelry person. It didn't break my heart.

2) I have a phobia of needles (says the girl with two tattoos...). No, seriously -- when my sister got her ears pierced, I had to leave the store. When I get IVs, I go into trance-coma-mode and can't speak/move/acknowledge-anyone's-existence until the damn TUBE is out of my VEIN. *shudder*

3) I really, really, REALLY dislike having to do things that aren't extremely necessary and/or things I want to do. I'm very low-maintenance. Thus, earrings and ear-piercing upkeep would be something quite annoying for me to deal with.

Thus, getting my ears re-pierced would be a huge sacrifice for me, both physically and time-consumingly.

Okay, well, not a HUGE sacrifice. But lets face it -- the Universe getting me a book deal wouldn't be a HUGE sacrifice either. Not like ending poverty or anything.

Does that sound like a DEAL, Universe? Let's shake on it.


All right. I feel good about this.

In other news: Hey, I finished another ms today. No big deal or anything.

*throws confetti*

In case you haven't been keeping track (lord knows my obsessive-compulsive inability to let things go has been keeping track enough for the both of us...), this is the first novel I've finished since Stream Pirate, back in 2009. 2009! And not even late 2009 -- I finished Stream Pirate last last winter-ish. It's been around a year since I had the warm, ethereal glow of completing a new and totally god-awful manuscript.

But you know what? I'm in love with it, suckiness and all. We'll see how long that love lasts when I sit down for a read-through later this week.

Excuse me while I rejoice in my productivity and let the Universe mull over this DEAL. You know you want to see the heart-wrenching agony I'll go through in getting my ears pierced, Universe. You know you want to.


Unknown said...

Hehe. Have fun with that deal! :P

I don't like getting shots, but I have 3 tats, my ears are pierced, and I have another 2 more earrings in the cartilage of my left ear. And the earrings are by far more of a pain that the tattoos just because of the upkeep. *sigh*

And CONGRATS!!! You finished an MS! Woo! :D Now, onto revisions lol. Good luck!

Samantha Vérant said...

Wait a sec. I thought you got a tattoo? I'm thinking you might have to be a pirate for a day too.

word verification: suffed

Did I suff you out? Right. The crazy lady is making up her own words now.

Kathryn Rose said...

I was thisclose to getting a tattoo a few months ago! Eek! I'm more of a piercings girl!

Yay, ms is done! Good luck with the edits! :) (Let 'er sit!)

Jade said...

Dang. I was really hoping you'd pick the goat riding one. Maybe I'll save it for myself...

And congrats again on the first draft awesomeness. Yay!

On a side-note, guess how old I was when I got my ears pierced? Guess? GUESS!

Eight-months. For reals.

(And no, I didn't grow up in a trailer-park.)

(No offence to people who live in trailer parks. I'm sure it's lovely.)

Jill Wheeler said...

Woot woot! Send it my way, girlie!

Oh, and argh.

Dara said...

Yay! :)

Now if only I could do the same. Believe me, when the day comes and I hit the end of my WiP, the sky just may fall. At least that's what I feel like will happen.