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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Q&A 4 U

So, I have a lot more blog readers than before. And by before, I mean that-time-when-I-actually-blogged-on-a-regular-basis-instead-of-letting-my-"real"-life-have-more-say-in-my-writing-life-than-it-should-have. Yeah, that time.

Conclusion: I don't know who most of you are. And I want to.

Thus, I have a reverse Q&A round for all ya'll beautiful people. Even you lurkers out there -- I see you, hiding in the back. Don't think I don't know you're there, TOP SECRET GOVERNMENT AGENCY WHO FOUND MY BLOG TWO DAYS AGO, THE SAME DAY I HAPPENED TO FINISH WLA, WHICH JUST SO HAPPENS TO BE A NOVEL ABOUT A GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY.

(No, I'm totally not making that up. SiteMeter doesn't lie.)

(No, I'm totally not crazy. All the time.)

Anyhoo. My questionnaire for you folks, old and new:

1) Name/blog/website

2) Writing genre of choice

3) Reading genre of choice

4) Fictional Male and/or Female character you would totally marry

5) Candle scent of choice

6) Peanut butter or chocolate?

7) Accord or Civic? (No, I'm not currently car shopping because my car TRIED TO KILL ME. Why would you ask?) (That last one doesn't count as a questionnaire question.)

8) So there's a mutant army of radioactive mallards with their bills set on attacking your city. You are in a well-fortified grocery store (of your choice), armed with cannons from a nearby Civil War reenactment camp, a freshly delivered shipment of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, and an inordinate amount of neon-yellow nail polish. How do you hold off the impending attack and save humanity?

I am so looking forward to your answers to these. You have no idea.

For now, I shall leave you to mull over humanity's fate at the hands (er, wings) of mutant mallards while I complaincomplaincomplain about my severe lack of interview-appropriate clothes. Guess this means I just have to go shopping. You know how much I hate shopping.

This counts as interview-appropriate, right?


Jill Wheeler said...

1) Jill Wheeler http://jillwheeler.blogspot.com

2) YA

3) YA/women's fiction/classics

4) Gale

5) Pumpkin pie

6) BOTH, sillyhead.

7) Had a Civic for several years that I LOVED.

8) What? Oh, Sara. You so crazy.

Neurotic Workaholic said...

1) Neurotic Workaholic http://neuroticworkaholic.blogspot.com

2) Chick lit

3) Chick lit and memoirs

4) Mr. Darcy

5) I don't like candles. I have this fear that if I light one I might end up setting fire to my apartment.

6) Both of them mixed up together

7) What's the difference? No, seriously. I take the train and the bus, so all cars look the same to me.

8) Could I just have George Clooney save the day (and me) instead? :)

rebel_of_nowhere said...

1) That’s What She Said: http://tenmilesfromnowhere.blogspot.com/ (Forgive the lack of posts; I’m just now getting back to writing them so they will soon be there!)

2) Realistic/satire/dystopian

3) Dystopian/satire/realistic fiction

4) Cal Trask

5) Something that smells edible or has a bizarre name.


8) Call Will Smith and have him save the world.

Patti said...

Patti Nielson http://pattinielson.blogspot.com/

YA Fantasy

YA Fantasy, plus a little of everything else

James Fraser

Apple Cinnamon

Do I really have to choose - probably chocolate, but peanut butter is only a sliver behind.

7) Civic - bought one two years ago and love it.

8) Hunker down with some peanut butter and chocolate

Dara said...

1) Dara Sorensen http://inthewritemind.wordpress.com

2) Historical fiction, some historical fantasy

3) Same as above. Although I do like YA too.

4) Prince Caspian. If he looked like Ben Barnes :P

5) Just one? For reals? You're asking the girl who literally has close to a dozen candles in her living room. Sigh...fine, I'd say Autumn Leaves, a now-retired scent from Yankee Candle

6) Another hard choice. Chocolate wins out.

7) Civic. I've always wanted one. Currently driving a tiny little Aveo.

8) No clue. Maybe open all the bottles of nail polish and hope the smell drives them off. Or throw them a bunch of bird seed and distract them.

Meghan S. said...

1) Meghan Schuessler / http://meghanwritesanovel.blogspot.com/

2) Paranormal Romance

3) Romance, Horror & Contemporary Fiction

4) Odd Thomas

5) calla lilly

6) BOTH!

7) Ummmmm either or?

8) I don't save worlds, I write hot male heroes to do it for me :)

Lisa Aldin said...

1) Lisa Aldin

2) YA

3) YA, women's fiction, literary, crime, thriller, classics...anything. I do not discriminate.

4) Blomkvist from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, that is, if he would get over his commitment issues.

5) Blueberry Muffin.

6) Chocolate.

7) Accord? Don't I sound confident?

8) Threaten to give said mallards pedicures with neon yellow polish. This should do the trick. Everyone knows mallards hate pedicures.

Angela A said...

1)Angela/no blog or website :(
2)Realistic YA fiction
3)see above
4) Wes from The Truth About Forever
5)Vanilla bean
7)Neither. Astrovan all the way, baby.
8)Blind them with the nail polish, then choke them to death with the non-butter.

Lila Swann said...

1) Lila Swann http://lilaswann.blogspot.com

2) YA Fantasy/Romance

3) Anything, really. Adult, YA, whatever! :)

4) Hmm...ooh such a toughy. Probably Heathcliff, from Wuthering Heights. I'm a sucker for tortured, beautiful bad boys, and he's the original.

5) Cake Batter, or something equally vanilla-ish and sugary.

6) Chocolate, yum. Although my Dad does make peanut butter brownies that combine the two oh-so-deliciously.

7) Neither. I'd get a Volvo, those are sweet. (But don't get a silver one, unless you want to be followed by Edward Cullen's rabid fan club. It's about time for the Eclipse movie, they're on the prowl.)

8) Ooh, goodness. I would paint the tubs of butter in the neon yellow, which the ducks would be attracted to since they're radioactive. (The polish /is/ neon yellow, that's radioactive-ish, right?) And then as they swarmed, overcome with joy for the combination of butter and neon yellow, I'd shoot them up with cannons. Yay.

Adam Heine said...

1) Adam Heine, um, .com

2) Writing: SF/F, either adult or YA (we'll see which sells first)

3) Reading: same

4) Fictional Female: None. Fictional females have too much conflict.

5) Candle: No.

6) Peanut butter or chocolate: Yes.

7) Accord or Civic: Accord. Or Passat. Can I say Passat?

8) So there's a mutant army of radioactive mallards...: Sounds like dinner!

Hayley Lovell said...

I think that attire is very appropriate. Oh and I have an interview to prepare for too! It's exciting I'll give you all the details soon. But to answer your questionnaire:

1) Hayley, (hayleys-hollow.blogspot.com)

2)YA all branches depends on what I'm feeling like.

3)See above, literary fiction or whatever catches my eye.

4)Fred Weasley. Shane Collins. Morgead. Draco Malfoy. And probably many more...I'm young and indecisive this question isn't very fair.But Fred is my number one...

5)Yankee Candle's "Drift Away"

6)Chocolate (dark, white, milk, any kind really) I just want it unadulterated thank you.

7)No permit, no license, I'm not at liberty to choose. But I'll pick whichever one wont kill you. I like that one.

8)Pump the cannons full of the non-butter substance, and fire. It'll make the evil birds wings heavy. Once they crash down onto the ground, fire the lovely neon nail polish at them. Because the cannons are already lubricated with the fake butter they should move faster. The glass jars should shatter and injure the ducks. The fumes coupled with the polish in the wounds will with time kill them. And if not the icky sticky butter impostor should hold them to the ground so they starve to death with time. Crisis averted.

lisa and laura said...

1) Lisa and Laura/lisa-laura.blogspot,com/lisaandlauraroecker.com

2) YA mysteries

3) Anything YA!

4) Pacey Whitter or pretty much anyone played by Joshua Jackson...

5) I like basil and ginger and lemongrass. Anything weird and spicey.

6) Chocolate!

7) Accord

8) Obviously I'd feed the army the butter (the carcinogens along will take them out, right?) and paint my nails while I waited for it all to go down. Hopefully the grocery store has a decent supply of Twizzlers.

K. M. Walton said...

1) K.M. Walton - http://skateorbate.blogspot.com

2) MG & YA

3) Anything good and compelling

4) Stuart Redman from The Stand (my most favorite book...ever)

5) Citrus

6) Together...always

7) Neither. They are far too practical for me. I like sexy cars.

8) Completely cover myself with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and infiltrate the pack of ducks, live among them, you know, find their weakness. That fake yellow goo has to be made with enough chemicals to protect me against the radioactive ducks.

After learning how to defeat the evil mallards I'd communicate with our armed forces. How? Well, I'd use the yellow nail polish to paint an enormous sign on the grocery store's blacktop parking lot with how to destroy them.

Ducks can't read. So I'd be safe.