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Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Evil Overlords

I hath appeased him.

Within the week, many papers were paid unto him. A few tests, a few speeches, a few last minute assignments. At long last, I rid myself of the chains of his imprisonment and step forth into the daylight. With a very proper, well-educated tone, of course.

To celebrate my victory, I shall tell you of my plan. Here it is, laid out before all ya'll so I shall have some accountability.

So, summer. I have from next Saturday, the 12th, until September 7th all to my little self to do with as I please. And I please to use that time to write my little self's heart out.

June 12th to September 7th = Roughly 12 weeks.

12 weeks. Three-ish months. Sounds like I need a goal. Which means I need all ya'll to GET ON ME for keeping said goal. Yay? Yay. All righty. Here is my goal.

12 weeks = 50,000 words

approx. 4,200 words/week

approx. 600 words/day

(I will be working a lot and having some semblance of a life. So this is assuming I write around 1k every 2 days. Which is reasonable, no?)

Okay. So this is it. I hereby trade my Evil Overlord Homework for my Evil Overlords Bloggers. Keep that whip a-cracking on me, folks. Seriously. Yell at me if I don't have updates. Berate me harshly if I don't reach my goals. And by the time fall quarter starts and Evil Overlord Homework reappears, I should have a complete first draft of a novel.

If you're in, let me hear ya say WRITE!


Hayley Lovell said...

WRITE! Sara, I know you can do this, so I will try to stay on you about it as much as possible because I know you have the writing stamina in you to succeed! That and I can shoot you an email whenever, cause I miss talking :( with you, thus giving me the ability to be an Evil Overlord Email-er(if that's a word, insert evil laugh here). But you can write 1k every two days, no problem. You just have to do it.

Jill said...

I clicked on this fully expecting to see a couple of hamsters decked out in regal crowns and robes.

Jill said...

Oh, it's me. -jillwheeler

Jade said...

Write, girl, write!

Adam Heine said...


Except I won't be evil. Well not very evil.

K. M. Walton said...

Oh, you most certainly can do it. You are driven and talented, which is a magical combination.

Gooooo, Sara!!

Unknown said...

You can do it! And I'm there with you now that I'm back from NY and getting settled in. We can write like crazy! :) Good luck!