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Monday, June 21, 2010


Who reached the 30,000 word mark on her WIP?

*points to self*

Yuuup. This chick.


Since my back hurts from sitting all day writing, writing, writing, I'm going to make this post quick and painless and full of LINKY LOVE.

Firstly, all those lurvely people who did the Visual Inspiration/WIP in Pics posts:

Natalie Whipple
Steph Bowe
Lila Swan
Kaity Hall

Pretty, isn't it? Sigh, so much ART. Love it!

Nextly, a thought-provoking post by my SUPER AGENT Kate aka Daphne Unfeasible! I always feared having Plot Armor in my novels, but I never had a word/phrase for it. Now there is one!

Thirdly and finally: WHY DO I LIKE THESE VIDEOS SO MUCH??

I swear I could spend the ENTIRE DAY doing nothing but watching Non/Disney Crossover YouTube Vids. They're like eye crack.


Jade said...

Go you!

It hit 25k today so I'm celebrating too.

Kathryn Rose said...

30k!!!! That's awesome blossom, extra awesome! :D

prashant said...
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Samantha Vérant said...

You removed above post? Now I'm curious. Anyhoo...congrats on 30k! You can do it. Rarh!

Sara Raasch said...

Sam -- I got spammed :P Nasty blog-hunters.

Hayley Lovell said...

I just hit 25k too! And when I went over to read your super agents post she talked about LEVERAGE which is one of my absolute FAVORITE shows that obsess over on a daily basis. It. Made. My. Day. And it was an awesome post to boot!

Okie said...

Congrats. 30k is a faboo milestone. Keep it up!