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Monday, November 2, 2009

ISPAW Day 1!

Avast, mates! Today be the first day of International Stream Pirate Appreciation Week! Let me hear ya say "Arrrggghhh!"

(Okay, Yazoo's giving me a look. Fine. You don't HAVE to say argh. I mean, Yazoo and his crew don't even say argh. Horrible stereotype thrust upon pirates, really. But it's just so much fun to let one loose every once in awhile.)

Today also be my 200th blog post! Let me hear ya say "Woot woot!"

(Yazoo is still giving me a look. No, pirates don't say woot woot, you're right, Yaz. But NORMAL, non-piratic people do. Oh, just go back to staring at Lu until I need you.)

In honor of all this Arghing and Woot-wooting, I have a very exciting treat in store. It seems fitting that, being the first day of ISPAW (isn't that fun to say?), we start from the beginning. The very beginning. The beginning of the beginning, if you will.

November 6, 2006. The day my geology professor kindly bored me to a new shade of boredom then shoved the term "stream piracy" into my midst. What ensued will forever be known as:

The Day Stream Pirate was Born.

Let's look at some pics from the photo album, shall we? That's what people do on birthdays, aye? Reminisce over photos. So grab a cookie from the party tray and come gather next to me on the sofa. Oh, just remember not to feed too many cookies to Peat. He gets horribly hyper if he's had too much chocolate.

Oh, look at this picture! Yazzie, it's your first photo! You were so photogenic, even so early on.

Yazoo Stick Figure Caption: Avast, me hearties! I've come to steal ye sediment. Argh!

See, Yaz? You said "Argh!" Proof, right there in the photo album! Oh, don't roll your eye at me.

Lu: Don't worry, Sara; he's just a little grumpy. Birthdays make him feel old.

You're only turning 3.

Lu: In human years! In book years that's like 12. Remember how long it takes to get anything done in the book world? We're getting old! Dried up!

Oh, don't exaggerate.

Yazoo: She's good at that. Ow, don't hit me!

Now, now, children. We still have quite a few photos to look at. Aw! Remember this one? Your first sediment raid! I was so proud!

Yazoo Stick Figure Caption: I've come for ye sediment!
People Caption: Ah! No! It's stream piracy!
Yazoo Other Caption: I am the evil stream pirate Yazoo Oxbow, Captain of the Rapid Meander!

You were so excited! And look at you, calling yourself "evil." You never do that anymore. Silly little boy. Oh, I miss those days of innocence.

Yazoo: I'm getting some punch.

No, wait! The next one gets really good!

Yazoo Stick Figure Caption: At last! Lots of sediment thanks to a braided stream! Argh!
Boat Caption: Captain! This braided stream is right in front of a glacier! Iceberg ahead!

There you go again, saying "Argh!"

Yazoo: Really, getting punch now.

Oh, don't be ashamed. Lots of pirates say "Argh!" Go on, say it! Just once!

Yazoo: That doesn't even look like the Rapid Meander.

They were sketches done out of boredom. You're ruining photo album time.

Yazoo: Fine by me. Lu, punch? Ow! No! The drink, punch!

Lu: Oops. Clarify next time.

There's only one more picture! Oh look, Lu, it's your first photo!

Lu Caption: I'm Alluvial Fan, the fairest in the land!

Lu: I'm wearing a WIG.

Yazoo: But you're still the fairest in the land.

Okay you two, we have guests present.

Lu: It's my party, I'll make out with my boyfriend if I want to.


Peat: Make out! With my party!


Yazoo: Watch this -- Hey Peat, you want to make out with who? I'll listen -- you want to do what?

Peat: Make out with you! I'll do yo--

Okay then, that ends this party. Tomorrow: Party Number Two in the ISPAW!


Anonymous said...

That was awesome!

BTW happy birthday to Stream Pirate :) I don't actually remember the birthdays of most of my novels. Nor do I have cute little pictures like you!

Mariah Irvin said...


Don't be embarrassed, Yazoo, I think you're adorable. I mean, vicious. Yes, you're a vicious, argh-saying, punch-drinking, sediment-stealing, Rapid Meander-captain-ing pirate!

Natalie Whipple said...

Aww, I'm so happy Stream Pirate was born. Yaz and Lu were such cute babies!

lisa and laura said...

Hoorah for Stream Pirate! Do they get to celebrate their birthday by visiting with some very special editors? Keep us posted!

Renee Collins said...

okay, that is pretty much the coolest way to get a story idea. Ever. :)

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who doodled relentlessly in her notes in college. Got to say though, I never got a brilliant story idea from it.

Happy Birthday, Stream Pirates!! :D

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Hahahaha awesome, love it!!

Hayley Lovell said...

Happy Birthday to Stream Pirate! I was laughing so hard at parts I think I scared Finn...love it Sara just love it. Can't waiut for the rest of ISPAW, this should become a yearly event.

Wyman Stewart said...

Blimey mate! Three yar-in, 2 days ago, I saw Peter Noone in concert, who played a singing Pirate In Penzance (garble me spelling). Famous English lad, when he was young. "You can Google it", as he likes to say. His birthday's the 5th. of November, so...saw him on the 4th., his birthday's the 5th., and your Thingmabob was born the 6th. Zippy-do-dah Birthday to you, little Zootermabob.

Gotta go, see a wench sitting on a bench, near a trench, next to a finch, who's hanging from a cinch...sorry, must put on my straitjacket now. Got to return to the Looney Bin. Cherrio!

Sara Raasch said...

Dara -- The only reason I remember the date of SP's birthday is because the notes I took in class are dated. Otherwise I'd have absolutely no idea either ;)

Mariah -- Thanks! I was quite proud of my stick figures. Especially the Alluvial one -- that wig took skill.

Natalie -- Hehe, thanks! They were cuties, weren't they?

L&L -- Speaking of editors: You! PUBLISHING DEAL!! Still smiling about that :)

Renee -- This was the only class I ever got a brilliant (hehe, brilliant) story idea from. All other doodled notes resulted in nothing but, well, doodled notes.

Frankie -- Thanks! :D

Hayley -- I just might make it a yearly event! Maybe when the book comes out it'll explode into a worldwide celebration. Pirates everywhere! Yay!

Wyman -- Pirates of Penzance is an awesome musical! Lucky you got to see it live!

Adam Heine said...

This is so cool. I wish my novels had baby pictures.

Out of curiosity, what does a stream pirate talk like?