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Monday, November 2, 2009

ISPAW Day 2!

Photo album flashback day was a huge success! Thanks for showing up, everyone; reminiscing is so much more effective with friends!

Lu kindly pointed something out to me after you all left and we were cleaning up those scrumptious cookie trays. While she recognized a few faces in the crowd, there were quite a few she had never seen before. When she mentioned this, I realized I'd committed a huge hostess faux pas: me, in all my excitement about ISPAW, forgot that most of you have never met Lu, Yazoo, and the crew. So even though you all smiled and dressed up really nice for Photo Album Flashback Day, you were probably whispering to each other "My god, what is Peat talking about?"

Without further ado, then, I shall introduce everyone around. Here with us today is Yazoo, Lu, and Yaz's crew: Arachne, Danny, Perry, Ikkin, Ron, and Peat. Who wants to go first? Yazoo? Where'd Yazoo go?

Arachne: Chasing after Peat. Cars fascinate the river sludge out of him.

All right, fine. How about you, Arachne?

Arachne: I'd really rather not.

Just say a few things about yourself. What do you do? Why are you in the story? That kind of thing.

Arachne: I'm Arachne. I weave things. A lot of things. Most importantly the nets we use to haul sediment around to rechannel rivers.

Anything else?

Arachne: Yazoo doesn't pay me enough.

Perry: Yazoo pays you? It's because you're a girl, isn't it?

Perry! Why don't you go next?

Perry: Don't mind if I do. I'm Perry Grinkboro, Yazoo's second-in-command. I'm wicked good at steering the Rapid Meander and charting courses through Radial Stream. The ladies love a helmsman, I tell ya what.

Danny: Too bad Yazoo's the helmsman and you're just the second-in-command.

Ikkin: She's got you there.

Peat: You're too bad! Got you there.

Ron: Peat's back, but where's Yazoo?

Arachne: Hiding from Sara's introduction day.

Lu: No, he was waking me up from a nap. What'd I miss?

Okay, this is getting a little out of hand. Lu and Yaz, why don't you just introduce yourselves before the crew scares everyone away?

Perry: WE would scare them away? Have you met Lu?

Peat: WE! AWAY!

Ikkin: Why isn't there any food? Lu, Yazoo, and Peat got cookies yesterday. You invite us, and no cookies?

Lu! Yazoo! Introductions!

Lu: Calm down, Ikkin, I'll get you some lemon-crusted salmon bites back at Castle Fan. But before Sara deletes us right out of this blog post, hi, I'm Alluvial Fan. Heir of Radial Stream, suitor-rejector extraordinaire, and stream pirate.

Yazoo: I wouldn't tell people you're a stream pirate. Isn't exactly popular at court.

Lu: That's why people don't like you? I thought it was because Peat's always with you.

Peat: Don't like Peat? Thought that's why!

Ron: No one's explained Peat's little problem yet, have they?

No, actually. But Yazoo, just introduce yourself--

Yazoo: Take a breath, author. I'm Yazoo Oxbow, captain of the Rapid Meander for the past eight years. Apparently I'm the most notorious stream pirate in Radial Stream, but it's not a title I really wanted.

Arachne: Don't be so modest. The CTD hasn't been able to catch him. Ever. It's like the Rapid Meander just vanishes.

Danny: Wow. Haven't heard that one before.

Arachne: Danny, you wish you could be that clever.

Danny: Oh, yeah. My biggest dream in life is to be like you.

Arachne: No; your biggest dream in life is to be with Perry.

Danny: Yours will be a slow death.

Okay, um, I'm going to escort our guests to the door before -- DUCK!

*vase shatters on the wall*

Danny: That could've been expensive!

Arachne: It still had the Target clearance sticker on it.

Lu: Really, guys, try to show some dignity. First impressions and all.

Ikkin: We're pirates. What kind of impression were you expecting?

Ron: Maybe we should've had a demonstration. Rechanneled a river or something.

Danny: Arachne, you can't hide! Don't you dare leave this room! Arachne--

*footsteps pound down a hall, followed by a door slamming and more ceramics shattering*

Okay, um, well, introduction day. Yes. This went well. If you have any questions for Yazoo, Lu, or his crew, feel free to leave them in the comments--


Arachne: Only because she stole my weaving needles!

Oy vey.


Adam Heine said...

Ah, this answers my question from the previous post. So... what's up with Peat?

Unknown said...

Ha ha! What a fun bunch.

Loved the eye patch look on Yazoo.


Mariah Irvin said...

Love this. I'm sure if my characters would talk, it would be just as crazy (or maybe more... they're gun happy cowboys, after all).

Hmm... question...

Why does the Rapid Meander "disappear"? Mysteriousness.

ChristaCarol Jones said...

lol this was awesomely clever and very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what colorful characters!

Renee Collins said...

hehe, awesome to meet you all!

Sara this makes me want to read your book! :)

Hayley Lovell said...

Well I know Ron's shy but can we get a picture, he is one of my favorite characters. And we didn't get to meet Danny or Ikkin, aw...pouts.

And I can't wait for tomorrow ISPAW is becoming my favorite holliday.

Sara Raasch said...

Adam -- Your question should be "What ISN'T up with Peat?" He's, um, unique.

Kat -- Haha, thanks. Made the eye patch myself ;)

Mariah -- I'm sure your characters would have a lot more action in such a situation. Being trigger-happy and all.

ChristaCarol -- Thanks :)

Dara -- They are quite colorful, aren't they?

Renee -- Good to know! Once it goes through hardcore edits with fearsome editor-folk, I may be in need of another fresh set of eyes. I'll keep you in mind :)

Hayley -- Don't worry; I'll do a quick intro for those who missed out tomorrow :)

Mariah Irvin said...

I know this is random, but bare with me for a moment...

I've been listening to a lot of Rachmaninov lately, and this particular piece reminds me of pirate adventures/romance:


I'm don't know if you listen to music when you write (especially classical), but I thought of you and thought I would pass it on.

(You can fast-forward through the first thirty seconds of the video, it's just a bunch of old men coughing).

Jade said...

They be some cute pirates!

That was fun! Now I want to find photos of all my characters.