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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Repetitive Redundancies. And Philip Winchester.

I fear doing any kind of blog post now will be a repeat of yesterday's and the day before. Editing. Woe. Tragedy. Eyesight loss. Been there, done that, aye?

I considered doing a Q&A session again, as it's been a few weeks since I did one, but I feel that would be too easy of an out. Instead, for being such loyal reader people through my days of editing FIENDISH-ness, I shall stage a Q&A about YOU! People who stick around through incoherent posts and whining about an editing-induced lack of nutrients must be some seriously awesome people. And I want to know more about seriously awesome people.

So here are some questions. Answer whichever ones you feel compelled to answer. While I wait for your super awesome responses, I'll be over there. Editing. Still. And oh yeah, studying for finals and stuff. Not like that's important.

1) Pirates or Ninjas? I had to ask. My position is obvious (though Ninjas are undeniably AWESOME too).

2) Outline or no outline? I think I've asked something similar before. It's still interesting to see the divide.

3) An army of penguins is heading your way. You have an ice cannon, a well-fortified refrigerator, and an ice cream truck. How do you fight them off?

4) Will you see the New Moon movie? I plan on seeing it. Don't judge.

5) Why do you think most dog treats consist of the same ingredients as human cookies? Why wouldn't we just give our dogs human cookies instead of making specialized "dog cookies" if they're exactly the same? One of the great quandaries of our time.

6) You're on an island. A desert island. You can choose one character from any novel/work of literature to be with you on that island. Choice?

And here's something gawk at:

That's my beloved Philip Winchester and his Crusoe co-star Tongayi Chirisa. And you thought Philip Winchester was the only pretty person in Crusoe. That show's a one-two punch, my friends.


Jade said...

a) Can it be an ice-cream ninja??

b) Outlines are evil.

c) I'd just hide in the ice-cream. If I die, then at least I die happy.

d) I'll be there in my Team Jacob shirt. That's a joke...or is it?

e) My dogs get pig ears for treats.

f) Ford from the Hitchhikers Giude to the Galaxy.

Anonymous said...

First time commenter here, thougth this would be a good opportunity to introduce myself.

1) Ninjas. Cause they're aweseome and wear black clothes and are sneaky (sneak sneak / stab stab).

2) I don't know. Doing NaNo right now and woaw. A good outline from the beginning would have saved me a lot of trouble.

3) I'll bribe them with icecream! Seriously. Who doesn't love icecream?

4) I'm probably going to watch New Moon (Dakota Fanning looks super cool in it), but I think I'll wait for the DVD. Too many screaming and fainting girls in the theaters.

5) Oh and dog treats do not have chocolate in them. At least they don't here in Denmark where I'm from. Dogs + chocolate = Bad stuff
And we all know You can't have cookies without chocolate.

6) I really, really want to say Dr. Who and his Tardis but he's from a tv show. *Runs to check google* I KNEW it! There are dr. Who books :D

Candice said...

I'm of the pirate persuasion, but only the Sinbad (Disney version) and Captain Jack Sparrow variety. Because the rest of them look like their breath might just be a little too stinky to overcome.

Maybe it's just that I like Captains, after all, I'm married to one (okay, so he's an Air Force Captain, but hey it's still a cool title).

Anonymous said...

1) Do I have to choose? LOL. Honestly, it changes from day to day. Today, it's Pirate :P

2) Sort of outline...it's not chapter by chapter (did that before and I ALWAYS ended up changing things mid-writing) but I have to have a loose guideline to follow, so I just make an overall summary before I start my novels.

3) Um, I'd start shooting the ice cream through the cannons :P Perhaps they would stop advancing and start eating the ice cream.

4) Not gonna watch it; didn't care for the first movie. I really hated that book though because of Bella's whining through much of it. If it's different in the movie, then maybe I'll put it on the Netflix quene when it comes to DVD.

5) Who knows. I give my dog a bit of cookie (without chocolate) when I'm eating one. He's spoiled and gets too much people food :P

6) So difficult! But I'm a little obsessed with Cindy Pon's character Chen Yong, so I'd have to say I'd take him along :) He could protect me from any sort of perils on the island, if there were any.

Renee Collins said...

1. Pirates. (No offense, Natalie. Ninjas are cool, but I gotta be straight up.)

2. Outline-ish. I make lots of notes before I start writing.

3. Gorge myself to death on the ice cream. They'll never take me alive!

4. Totally. Girls night out!

5. I've never had a dog, so I don't feel qualified to answer.

6. I'm going to say, the genie from Arabian Nights. Then I can wish myself back into civilization. (I know, I'm a cheater.)

Mariah Irvin said...

1) Although I love pirates, my dad's a ninja so I automatically side with ninjas.

2) I tried to make an outline for NaNo and it failed terribly.

3) "Free ice-cream!"

4) I want to see the delicious werewolves, so yes. I'll just close my eyes the rest of the time.

5) Ouch my head hurts.

6) Mr. Darcy, please.

Hayley Lovell said...

1) Priates, I love Ninja's too though, but pirates are awesome, and I have to choose them.
2)No outline but as of recently 've found myself using outlines more and more often, and all because of you Sara.
3)Can't I join them and keep the ice cream for myself? I like penguins, joining them would be cold but I'd get to be near their fuzzy cuteness all the time.
4)I do plan on seeing it, Jacob was the only substantial character in that series and he gets a lot of screen time. That and Tayor Launter is growing on me. Also its my friends birthday present, we're going opening day.
5)No idea, but I'll tell you when I was a little kid I used to eat cat food (dry) and I'd split doggie cookies with my neighbors dog through our fence. He was a great dog, loved him.
6) Why this question? Why so many choices so many choices...okay if it was my own character Declan, love him but he would have to have forgotten about Ashlyn. Another author's story would be Shane from Morganville Vampires, he's BA. Umm...also Alex from Perfect Chemistry. So I have a few characters I'm debating between, but out of all of them, even my own, it would have to be Shane, yeah I'd pick Shane.

Mary E Campbell said...

1. Ninjas - I think of pirates as bad guys, but I do like a good pirate story.

2. I did an outline for my current WIP about half way through and I was very excited to finish it, but then I sort of lost interest because I know the end now. There are still surprises that pop up when I actually do the writing though.

3. It's all good we'll have some ice cream together and if they get rowdy I'll pelt them with ice chunks shot from the cannon.

4. I'll probably see the movie, but not in the theaters.

5. I didn't realize they were the same - that makes me feel better about feeding them to my kids as snack.

6. At the moment I'd like to be stuck with Peeta from the Hunger Games

Adam Heine said...

1) I hate this question. Technically I choose ninjas, but I prefer ninja pirates.

2) Outline.

3) I'm sorry. I stopped listening at refrigerator and ice cream.

4) Yes. I don't read the books. The movie's a smaller time commitment so that I can know what everyone's talking about.

5) I don't give my dog anything I want to eat myself.

6) I write a short story about my wife in the sand. Then I choose her.