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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ISPAW Day 3!

Since Arachne and Danny were quite, ahem, rude during yesterday's introductions, I've seen fit to come to a bit of a compromise with them. They give me something to give out as a prize, and I don't make them do anything they find, as Arachne put it, "dumber than swimming upstream towards a hungry band of river nymphs."

Danny's still trying to come up with a possible prize (which, in Danny terms, means not to hold your breath), but Arachne has graciously donated an embroidered notebook she crafted herself. Observe:

Yeah. Pretty wicked sweet. And trust me, anything Arachne makes is always freakishly amazing. Just ask Yazoo.

But before I get to the rules and such regarding how to win this lovely notebook (which looks surprisingly similar to one I just bought at the Mall of India...weird), I realized a few introductions got lost yesterday in all the chaos. It's nearly impossible to get the crew together like that without some kind of bickering match though, so suffice to say each member of Yazoo's crew is colorful in his or her own way.

Yazoo: That's a polite way of putting it.

Lu: What she meant to say was "Each member is skilled at driving everyone bonkers in his or her own way."

Well, if you'd like to explain in greater detail, be my guest.

Lu: I thought all the bloggers were our guests.

They are our guests. It's a figure of speech.

Yazoo: Sure it is.

Lu: Someone should at least explain Peat's problem. You teased our poor guests yesterday, but never told them what's wrong with him.

Yazoo: There's nothing wrong with Peat! Oh, don't give me that look.

Lu: Oh, no, you're absolutely right. There's not a thing wrong with someone who was cursed only to speak when repeating what someone else has already said. Not to mention he has the brain of an overexcited puppy.

Yazoo: He's -- a great conversation starter.

Lu: He CAN'T start conversations!

Yazoo: He's a great conversation piece.

Lu: Now that I'll agree with. He's great at parties. Totally rocks the game Telephone.

Yazoo: And MadGab. But never, ever watch a movie with him. He misquotes the entire thing.

Lu: True. The end of Titanic became "JACK! LET GO!"

That's it! In order to win Arachne's handcrafted notebook, come up with situations that would be really unfortunate for poor Peat. Awkward conversations, annoying interludes. Anything that you wouldn't want someone to repeat -- and not only that, but repeat incorrectly. Leave your situations in the comments section.

Lu: Can I pick the deadline?

Go ahead.

Lu: Okay...deadline: Friday. 8:43PM EST. Exactly.

8:43PM? Why 8:43PM?

Lu: Why not?

Works for me. Deadline to win Arachne's notebook: Friday, November 6, at 8:43PM EST. Get your piratic brains a-pumping and give me your silliest, most embarassing Peat situations! Multiple entries encouraged. The one that makes Yazoo crack a smile wins.


Mariah Irvin said...

I'll get to work on that immediately. Anything that makes Yaz smile is a definite win in my book!

Adam Heine said...

Unfortunate situation for Peat: Being the guy that relays the captain's orders to the crew.

Cap'n: Storm's coming. All hands, batten the hatches!

Peat: All hands, storm the hatches!

Cap'n: Don't fire at 'em 'til you see the whites of their eyes!

Peat: Fire at the whites of their eyes!

Unknown said...

How about someone asking Peat out on a date? That would be awkward, especially if Peat wasn't interested.

Let's give Peat a job at a fast food drive thru, taking and repeating back orders.

Or maybe get him a job as a telemarketer! That would equal heaps of lolz.

Renee Collins said...

I wonder what happened when poor young Peat got the "birds and the bees" talk.

Hayley Lovell said...

Umm...someone is trying to break up with their boyfriend, a very personal breakup, and Peat happens to be on the loud speaker repeating everything they're saying inncorrectly embarassing them, and upsetting the breaker uper because the breakee doesn't get that its over, because Peat has confused them to no end, and embarassed them, in front of the entire school.

Mariah Irvin said...

Alright, I've come up with a rather lame attempt. Please don't judge me, Yazoo.

Yazoo: (to Peat) When you give this message to Lu, repeat what I'm saying WORD FOR WORD. Got it?

Peat: Word for word!

Yazoo: Lu, I love you, and I hate that we're in this argument. I can't stand when you stay away from the ship; will you please come back?


Peat: (to Lu) I hate you, Lu. Please stay away from the ship.

Okay, I'm not sure if that will make Yazoo laugh. He'll probably deny ever sending such a message through Peat!