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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Eeenie, Meenie, Minie, NaNo

How do you spell "minie"? Meinie? One of the great riddles of our time.

Anyhoo, today is special. You probably know why: November 1st. The beginning of the 30 days of Literary Abandon, the start to the great festival of Oh My God, Why Am I Doing This?? Right now, all you NaNoites, is probably a good time in your NaNo month. You're excited and plowing through those first 1667 words. You're loving your characters, your plot, your setting. Life is good.

Remember this feeling.

Wow, that was a little ominous. Sorry about that. Won't happen again.

Whilst I skip off to dive into my first 1667 words (Maxie finally gave me the first few sentences of Discovery! I had to coerce them out of him with lots of "All the other NaNoites will make fun of me! I'll be picked last in gym class!" and whine-crying. He caved. I love him.), I shall leave you with two things.

Firstly) Are you doing NaNo? If so, what's your NaNo novel about?

Secondly) Tomorrow shall be my 200th blog post. But this week makes me grin for one other very happy reason:

Friday, November 6th, is the 3rd birthday of Stream Pirate.

That's right, folks; three years ago from November 6th the idea for Stream Pirate came bouncing into this world, kicking and screaming and covered in awesome vernacular. How do I know it was November 6th exactly? Well, that will be revealed in due time. Because I hereby dub the week of November 2nd-November 6th:

International Stream Pirate Appreciation Week!

(I can call it international, right? Because I have some international blog readers? Hello, International Blog Readers!)

So gear up for pirate goodness, stream ridiculousness, really awful sketches done by my own hand, and prizes, prizes, prizes! We're gonna give Stream Pirate a birthday party to remember!

Pirates. Prizes. What more could you want?


Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Happy Early Birthday to Stream Pirate. I'll be watching your nano progress though over at my blog its all nanorevismo all month all the time!!!

CKHB said...

I always thought it was "Miney." Happy NaNo! I'm CKHB over there, too, and I'm doing "smart chick lit." Off to write!

Hayley Lovell said...

Happy (early) Birthday to Stream Pirate! And I don't want anything more than Pirates and prizes Sara, good call. You already know I'm doing NaNo by juggling three stories and hoping to write 50/K between them, playing with my post apocalyptic thingamagig with no title other than WIP, He's With Me and Glass Heart(which you picked the title for :D)

K. M. Walton said...

Yep, I'm doing NaNo for the first time. My book is a realistic YA about a girl, her fractured relationship with her dad & falling in love with her brother's best friend.

Mariah Irvin said...

Huzzah for International Stream Pirate Appreciation Week!

So, how much am I allowed to appreciate Yazoo?

Natalie Whipple said...

How exciting! Good luck with NaNo, and maybe I'll have to draw something for ISPAW;P Requests?

Jade said...

Sometimes when I read words, I read them wrong. All this time I thought yur book was called Steam Pirate, not Stream Pirate! Everything makes so much more sense. Feel free to laugh at my stupidity!!

Yeah go for the International angle. *waves from an international destination.*

Yay for NaNo. You already know what I'm writing. Also, Max sounds divine. Have fun with him.

Adam Heine said...

As a resident of Thailand, I hereby endorse your use of the adjective "international" for International Stream Pirates Appreciation Week.

I'm not doing NaNo. Editing my beloved Air Pirates instead. With any luck, it'll be polished and sent to a new batch of betas by the time NaNo is over.

Najela said...

@Jade: Don't worry. I read it as Steam Pirates too. I was like what's with all the rivers and streams...oh wow, clarity comes for me.

Good luck on NaNo. I'm cheating a bit by working on a project that's already written, but i won't can't any of the stuff.

Happy International Stream Pirates Appreciation Week.

MC Howe said...

Congratulations on International Stream Pirate Appreciation Week.

Air Pirates too? And here I thought my Schmitty the Pirate was the only one. Good company I suppose. Even better, I think, since Kate Schafer Testerman rejected me.

Sara Raasch said...

Frankie -- December will be my NaNoRevisMo. Nothing says holidays like revising.

CKHB -- Miney!! That makes so much more sense! Yay, you solved life's greatest conundrum!

Hayley -- Thanks! Oh yay, Glass Heart! Get cracking on that one, girly!

KM -- First time NaNo! Good luck; your story sounds like it could be full of emotionally stressful goodness!

Mariah -- Oh, there will be MUCH appreciating of Yazoo going on. Much, much appreciating. Fear not.

Natalie -- Dude. I would love you forever if you drew something for ISPAW (love the acronym!). So. Pumped.

Jade -- Don't fret about it; people frequently get confused by the entire STREAM PIRATE concept. The conversations I have with people are...interesting, to say the least.

Adam -- Thanks for your international endorsement! Glad to have the support of a fellow pirate-writer :)

Najela -- I was going to work on old stuff for NaNo too, until Max waltzed on in. I don't think there's any stipulations about old stuff for NaNo, though I haven't read the rules too closely...

Matt -- Another pirate-writer! Avast! Pirates shall be taking over the literary world, mark my words, mate.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm doing NaNo. I'm writing my novel about the legendary Yuki-onna ("snow woman") of Japan.

I look forward to Nov. 1 every year now--well, I did before NaNo since it's also my birthday--but now that I'm getting older, not so much :P At least there's NaNo!

Sara Raasch said...

Dara -- I thought you'd already written the snow woman story? It sounds brilliantly chilling!