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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Gracias. And Philip Winchester.

(I know the title doesn't translate right, but it has the whole alliteration thing going for it, so I'm leaving it. Try to stop me.)

Because it is Thanksgiving, I'm going to rip a vlogbrother's video and do 50 things I'm thankful for. You don't have to read all of them, but they'll be funny and/or clever. Promise.

I'll be back on Saturday with answers to all of your amazing questions. Keep 'em coming! Until then, have an AMAZING holiday!

What are some things that make you guys thankful?

1) 2009. It has been by far better than 2008.
2) My puppy. She may be whiny and freakishly human, but I love that cute little mug.
3) My writer friends. Never have I met more amazing, imaginative, supportive people that I have never actually met. You guys rock :D
4) My family. Had to throw that one in, of course.
5) My super agent. 'nuff said.
6) My book. Some things just make me happy no matter what.
7) On that note: pirates.
8) On that note: Johnny Depp.
9) On that note: Philip Winchester.
10) This picture of Philip Winchester.
11) Tudor England.
12) Henry VIII. Weird? Yes. But that dude is INTERESTING.
13) History in general. It's one big story, and it all rocks.
14) When Pippa runs and barks in her sleep. Cutest thing ever.
15) An extension of #4: mi prima. She writes too. It makes me smile.
16) Hair color. Particularly red hair color.
17) My job. I may hate it most of the time, but the people I work with are freakishly cool.
18) The Vitamin String Quartet.
19) The 10th Kingdom mini-series.
20) All movies. Even the sucky ones.
21) Books that promote healthy, functional relationships.
22) Books that promote healthy, functional relationships. (I'm so thankful, it had to be said twice.)
23) Cake.
24) On that note: Marie Antoinette.
25) On that note: the French Revolution. Again, weird? Yes. But it was INTERESTING, people. They made a new calendar! And new clocks!
26) All pirate memorabilia.
27) The American Girl Doll collection. Especially Felicity (and Ben. *swoon*).
28) Writing until 1AM even though I know Pippa will wake me up at 6AM.
29) Disney crossover YouTube videos.
30) All cartoon movies. Especially the ones with songs like this and this.
31) Coming home to Pippa and seeing her little tail-less backside waggle with excitement.
32) Listening to people tell me really exciting news.
33) Chatting with fun people.
34) Decorating stuff.
35) Smoothies.
36) My non-writing friends. They keep me balanced.
37) Talking with people about books.
38) Talking with people about my/their books.
39) Talking with people about my/their characters as though they're real people. Then giggling when we realize we've been talking about our characters like they're real people.
40) Getting emails.
41) Cinnamon TicTacs. Cinnamon candles. Cinnamon in general.
42) My glasses that I got three years ago, stopped wearing after two months, and just found three days ago. My eyes feel SO MUCH BETTER.
43) Ireland and New Zealand.
44) Boys with copper skin. Mmm.
45) Characters/books that inspire me to be a better person.
46) Stories. Real stories, life stories, imagined stories, any stories.
47) Festivals.
48) The publishing industry.
49) Having the opportunity to make my dreams come true.
50) Being able to come up with 50 things that I'm thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving :D


Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Yay awesome list! I need to come up with mine. I'm thankful for Henry VII too.

Shannon Messenger said...

Love your list. Have to agree with you on Henry VIII. He's fascinating. Have you seen his armor? I saw it at the Tower of London this year and um...yeah. He had VERY grand visions of his um...manhood. If you haven't seen it you should google it. :)

Renee Collins said...

Great list! :)

As an Optometrist's wife, I was especially pleased with number 42. :)

lisa and laura said...

Fabulous list! Happy Thanksgiving Sara!

Hayley Lovell said...

Your list is amazing! I'm thankful for number 39 too! Happy early thanksgiving Sara!

Mariah Irvin said...

I love this whole list. Take out the Pippa and tu prima, you've got my thankfulness already listed for me!

Jade said...

I'm thankful for Henry VIII and his wives. Oh and Marie Antoinette. Her biography was so interesting.
I also have a tailless dog that does the bum waggle.
Except I have to point out a mortal error. As an Aussie I find it incredibly insulting that you are thankful for New Zealand (NEW ZEALAND!!) and not Australia. Don't you know we're frenemies. It's just us and the kiwis down here and we're far superior. Just so you know.

Anonymous said...

Loving this list--especially #13, #27 and #29 :)

And a video I found that you may like related to #27 on your list:


Sara Raasch said...

Frankie -- Glad I'm not the only one!

Shannon -- Googling. Haha, oh Henry...

Renee -- Yay for optometry!

L&L -- Happy Thanksgiving :)

Hayley -- Thanks! Happy Turkey Day!

Mariah -- I thought everyone was thankful for my dog? Hehe

Jade -- Sorry about the NZ controversy. But NZ gave us Cameron Duncan, so I will always be grateful to them. My apologies.

Dara -- AWESOME video. I wanted Ben and Felicity to hook up so, so bad. Man. I still do.

Shannon Messenger said...

By the way, I gave you a blog award. (Not sure if you want it, but it's on my blog if you do).


Rhiannon Hart said...

I just found my way over from Shannon Messengers blog. Thought I'd stop by and say Hi! Great blog :)

I'm so thankful for stories. What would we do with ourselves otherwise??

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

So I have an award for you again:-)


Nikki said...

I'm way late in commenting, so you may not even see this, but I'm thankful that I'm your number 15. I'm totally thankful for you too :)