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Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Evil Overlords

I hath appeased him.

Within the week, many papers were paid unto him. A few tests, a few speeches, a few last minute assignments. At long last, I rid myself of the chains of his imprisonment and step forth into the daylight. With a very proper, well-educated tone, of course.

To celebrate my victory, I shall tell you of my plan. Here it is, laid out before all ya'll so I shall have some accountability.

So, summer. I have from next Saturday, the 12th, until September 7th all to my little self to do with as I please. And I please to use that time to write my little self's heart out.

June 12th to September 7th = Roughly 12 weeks.

12 weeks. Three-ish months. Sounds like I need a goal. Which means I need all ya'll to GET ON ME for keeping said goal. Yay? Yay. All righty. Here is my goal.

12 weeks = 50,000 words

approx. 4,200 words/week

approx. 600 words/day

(I will be working a lot and having some semblance of a life. So this is assuming I write around 1k every 2 days. Which is reasonable, no?)

Okay. So this is it. I hereby trade my Evil Overlord Homework for my Evil Overlords Bloggers. Keep that whip a-cracking on me, folks. Seriously. Yell at me if I don't have updates. Berate me harshly if I don't reach my goals. And by the time fall quarter starts and Evil Overlord Homework reappears, I should have a complete first draft of a novel.

If you're in, let me hear ya say WRITE!


Hayley said...

WRITE! Sara, I know you can do this, so I will try to stay on you about it as much as possible because I know you have the writing stamina in you to succeed! That and I can shoot you an email whenever, cause I miss talking :( with you, thus giving me the ability to be an Evil Overlord Email-er(if that's a word, insert evil laugh here). But you can write 1k every two days, no problem. You just have to do it.

Jill said...

I clicked on this fully expecting to see a couple of hamsters decked out in regal crowns and robes.

Jill said...

Oh, it's me. -jillwheeler

Jade said...

Write, girl, write!

Adam Heine said...


Except I won't be evil. Well not very evil.

K. M. Walton said...

Oh, you most certainly can do it. You are driven and talented, which is a magical combination.

Gooooo, Sara!!

Amanda J. said...

You can do it! And I'm there with you now that I'm back from NY and getting settled in. We can write like crazy! :) Good luck!