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Saturday, June 19, 2010

High. And Math.

I have 20 minutes before I need to get ready for work. 25 minutes before I need to get ready for work in a mad-crazy-rushing-around-with-one-shoe-on extravaganza that usually ends with me tripping over Puppy and her looking at me like I'm some dumb, clumsy humanoid who should really just stick to getting her Beggin Strips. So this post will be typed in a mad-crazy-rushing-around-with-one-shoe-on extravaganza. Even though I don't have shoes on yet.


If you have the misfortune of following me on Twitter, you know my summer word count goal SUPER EXCITING NEWS:


Do the math with me now:

600 words a day x 7 days = 4200 words

5348 - 4200 = 1148 words OVER goal!

I went from being frighteningly behind to nearly two days OVER goal!

(And I'm having stabbing brain-pains from doing math on my most sacred blog. The Left Side of the Brain gods are angry.)

And let me tell ya, folks, I'm on a word-high. I haven't felt this good in MONTHS. Yes, most of those 5348 words are crap and will be tweaked within an inch of their tiny lives, but they're THERE, and they exist, and the story is coming together in really fun ways. I love me some dystopian YA. There is no greater joy than coming up with a really exciting way for the world to end.

I mean. Um. Oh, look, something shiny!

So whilst I take full advantage of this word-high by being annoyingly chipper all day today, I leave ya'll with a question. I feel bad for not asking this a few posts ago:

What's your summer writing goal?

Happy Saturday, everyone! Puppy is already giving me that look, so at least I'm ahead of schedule.


Jill Wheeler said...

Yayyyy! That's what I feel like. Just get the words DOWN. You can tweak later! Right now I'm going to concentrate on revising OP & the new one and beta-ing for you and Shayda. But I wouldn't mind cranking out another story before the summer's out. I have some nebulous ideas, but nothing concrete.

Hayley said...

Whoo go Sara!!!!!!! That's great! As for my writing goals...I'd like to finish my WIP, edit it and go back to my older MS(s) and work more on them too. Keep up the prolific-ness Sara!

Kathryn said...

That's awesome, Sara! Keep going! I'm always telling my husband my word count accomplishments and he always gives me a blank look and says "Huh? What's your obsession with how many words you wrote?" But it's really half the battle, isn't it? :D

prashant said...
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Dara said...


My goal is to actually finish my stupid WiP already so I can edit it and send it to beta readers. I keep letting it get the best of me and I'm letting the laziness monster win.