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Sunday, July 18, 2010


I don't even have a ship. Our a soul. Eh, well, maybe I have the last one. Jury's still out.

Anyway, I have a PROBLEM, guys. As some of you know, I graduate into the real world in November by way of college diploma.


(No, I don't just look for excuses to use the cute little wide-eyed dude facey thing. My life gets hectic and crazy all on its merry little own.)

I, unlike (or perhaps like) most college soon-to-be-graduates, have absolutely no plans for post graduation. None. Zilch. Nada. Goose egg, baby. It's like the end of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. It just leaves you all gaping-mouthed and hand-waggling, unable to mumble anything else but "Wha-wha-what?!"

When I get all panicky about my future (which, believe me, happens a LOT), I watch Gilmore Girls. Heck, I watch Gilmore Girls when I'm anxious, depressed, lonely, heartbroken, etc etc insert-forlorn-adjective-here. That show always serves to give me a good perspective on what I should do, because minus the whole Ivy League school thing, I am Rori Gilmore. It's creepy, actually. I really should sue the creators of Gilmore Girls for identity theft but, um, I really like Gilmore Girls. So don't worry, Amy Sherman -- you're safe.

This most recent viewing of Gilmore Girls (season 7, in case you were wondering) left me bound and determined to increase my statistical odds of doing something WORTHY after graduation by researching the hell out of various cities. Why cities, you ask, and not jobs? Well, I'm pretty flexible about what I'll be DOING doing. Retail (*shudder*, I know, but it's always an option), secretarial stuffs, or even panhandling. I'm an excellent panhandler. Piracy is always an option too. I've been training for that for years.

So you see, I'm more in need of a definitive locale than a definitive job. This is where the SOS comes in:

Where in the world should I live?

(Okay, that's a bit broad -- I should narrow it:)

Where in the United States should I live?

(Eh, still too broad:)

Where in the continental United States that has very low humidity, mild summers, few mountains, many bookstores, and ample copper-skinned male pirates should I live?

(The last one is negotiable. They can be pale-skinned male pirates too. I'll even *gasp* settle for copper or pale-skinned male ninjas. Though, if you know the color of a ninja's skin, well, you are truly a remarkably sneaky individual.)

Help a poor, lost college student out and leave your city suggestions in the comments. Rori Gilmore and I thank you.


Kathryn Rose said...

Oh, don't worry. I don't know what I want to do when I grow up either. My suggestion is to lay off Gilmore Girls until the freak out passes (well after graduation). ;)

Unknown said...

I'm a Gilmore fan as well, own every season, and I'm graduating the semester after you. My plan is to go to NYC, we could totally meet up lol. :)

Don't freak out too much. A little is normal and definitely to be expected, so no worries. You can do it! And congratulations on being almost done!! (Even if it is a bit scary.)

Steph Schmidt said...

Head in sand is a valid technique! One I am heartily endorsing until someone throws my butt across the graduation stage at the end of next year.

San Francisco, it can be pricey unless you shop smart but lots of jobs out here above retail.

Jade said...

Since I live in Australia and have never been to America I decided to do an online survey. Obviously I took a lot of liberties with the answers to the questions, but what a friends for. According to these very scientific survey, you should live in Chicago, closely followed by San Francisco, Denver, and NYC.

You're welcome.

Sara Raasch said...

Kathryn -- Lay...off...Gilmore Girls? That suggestion does not compute.

Amanda -- My original plan was to go to NYC, until I realized how much I hate big cities. Sooo not an urban girl.

SM -- Hmm, San Fran...I do like how it looks in movies.

Jade -- I too took an online city quiz, and it told me my perfect city is Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I think I'd prefer Denver or San Fran.

Natalie Whipple said...

Like I said, UTAH. My couch is waiting for you.


When I think about graduating into the big scary world I become excited, but mostly frightened.

It is a very big world out there. But with determination and a good head on your shoulders you should do just fine.

Good luck :)

Daphne Unfeasible said...


Daphne Unfeasible said...


Adam Heine said...

"Where in the continental United States that has very low humidity, mild summers, few mountains, many bookstores, and ample copper-skinned male pirates should I live?"

It sounds like you want to live in San Diego.

Jill Wheeler said...

DES MOINES!!! Oooh, except we don't have mild summers.

More seriously, Colorado is awesome.

K. M. Walton said...

What an exciting place to be, Sarah. Possibilities intoxicate me, and you my dear are atop a mountain of them. Roll around in the romantic'ness of it all and enjoy it.

p.s. sorry I'm not providing a suggested place to drop anchor - but out of the places shared, I've heard glorious things about Denver and San Diego...

Sara Raasch said...

Natalie -- Utah is on my list. Provo looks like a solid city...

Victoria -- I hop from bouts of excitement to bouts of sheer and utter terror. Mostly terror though.

Daphne -- I do like Colorado...hmm. Consider it on the list!

Adam -- Now I'm really quite curious as to why San Diego has pirates. Though that fact alone puts it on my list.

Jill -- Hm, haven't considered Des Moines yet. Though I think they might kick me out for saying it wrong. "Deh" vs. "Dessss"

KM -- San Diego keeps coming up a lot...*ponders* And while possibilities are exciting, they are also quite fear-inducing. Mostly fear-inducing. Which is why I have to keep focused on the exciting parts instead. Gulp.

Renee Collins said...

I live in Grand Junction, CO, but we get Denver news. And having watched a few of their weather forecasts, I am under the impression that they have fantastic weather. Sure, it does snow, but it's actually not too bad.

It's also a nice sized city with plenty of opportunity, I imagine. And it goes without saying that it's gorgeous.

Good luck making this choice! Having just gone through it a year ago, I know it sure isn't easy.

Also, LOL to the reaction at the end of Parnassus. I know exactly what you mean. :)

Rose Cooper said...

NOT Sacramento, CA. I can tell you firsthand that the job market is bad, the economy is worse and the summer weather is way too humid! I've heard great things about San Diego from relatives--such as when you go there you never want to leave! I've been to Seattle WA and I love it there!

Angela A said...

ChicaGO!!! The city is awesome and they just got done filming Transformers here. :)

Dara said...

Places with low humidity, mild summers and few mountains are hard to find. At least inexpensive places :P The ones that exist are insanely expensive to live in (San Diego comes to mind). I don't know much about Denver's weather but there's mountains there. Although I would so go there over any place in Cali.

Also I think in this economy most college grads haven't the slightest idea what they're going to do. Heck, my sis graduated in May and she still doesn't know. She's just trying to find a job, preferably not in a big city. :P

porthos said...

First thing I need to say about your blog. I loved it! It was funny, clever, and uplifting in a weird piraty way. This actually got my mind off of my boyfriend. Which I have been sulking for this whole week and last because I haven't been able to talk to him. So this made my day by fair.

The places I would choose (I think I would be able to help because I have been EVERYWHERE) would be either San Diego, California. Or even like near the California and Arizona border. (Because of the cost in Cali being so expensive) But San Diego is very free. I visited there and I was there for a week and not a single cloud in the sky. And it was the bluest sky ever!

My other choice would be in a cabin in Tennessee. Its so comfy and homie.

Another option would be get a coin, pick your two favorite places you want to live. And flip a coin.. "Heads Carolina, tails California?" :)

Take the risk.