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Thursday, July 8, 2010

No Time.

No time for a full blog post. Too busy making something SHINY and AWESOME and SO GLORIOUS for Kiersten White's final ARC giveaway.

So go read this post by Natalie Whipple. It explains it better than I have time to.

*revs chain saw*

*opens paint cans*

*lays out blue prints*

*gets to work*


Shannon Messenger said...

Uh oh. If you're entering, what chance do the rest of us have. Plus, it might destroy our new truce if I try to stomp you in competition. So I'll bow out of this one. ;)

Can't wait to see the Shiny and Awesome! :)

ali cross said...

Yeah, sheesh. I give up now. ;)

Sara Raasch said...

Ya'll are fluffing my ego too much ;) Don't give up!

Patti said...

Good luck.

Jill Wheeler said...

I'm going to make a robot. A SHARK robot.

Mr.s Gokey said...

I just found your blog by basically stalking you and going to like three different websites. LOL. I am an aspiring writer and like to see what others are doing!!

Sara Raasch said...

Googie -- Hi! Stalkers are welcome here :) Glad you found me!

Wyman Stewart said...

"Revs chainsaw" How Plasmatics of you! Maybe you want to be the next Wendy O. Williams?

Thank you!

Your rant post sent me off exploring the folks who played on the original "The Addams Family" TV show. Gomez Addams, now there was a man who knew how to love his woman, while Morticia knew how to get the results she wanted from her man.

Then your chainsaw sent me off in search of The Plasmatics or Wendy O. Williams and The Plasmatics, the wildest woman to ever lead a Rock band. She would definitely scare any guy into making a commitment and keeping it. (See YouTube) Almost forgot, she sometimes used a chainsaw in her act.

Thank you again. You made my morning a pleasant morning. (Just explain to guys, "It's My Life.")