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Tuesday, July 13, 2010



*love taps your shoulder*

I feel all special. And not at all pressured to be clever and cute and inspiring and wise in every blog post like some authors I know.

Even though I'd planned to do some kind of cute and clever and inspiring post on motivation and persistence, I can't. Because I found someone who does it better than I ever could. So I'll let her show you how to keep the inspiration up while I go apply to more jobs.


Hayley Lovell said...

Good luck with the application project, my job is already driving me nuts. And this little girl just made my day, honestly everyone should try to approach life with her upbeat attitude.

Lisa_Gibson said...

She's totally frawesome (and yes I totally stole that word from Elana)! My son has an affirmation that he used to say every morning. Look in the mirror and say, "I feel great! I like myself, I like myself, I like myself!" I find myself doing it from time to time. Him not so much anymore. ;) You go Sara!!

Ezmirelda said...

Yay, I get to be # 150! Your blog was mentioned on Natilie's blog and I decided to check it out. I loved reading your rants!

Unknown said...

HA! Thanks for that. :) And good luck on the job hunt!

bookaholic said...

Congrats! :)

Kathryn Rose said...

Good luck on the job hunt! Congrats, Sara, I love your blog! :)