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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Book Trailer Contest #3!

I will thoroughly regret doing this in the dead-middle of the quarter, but what can I say? I like the challenge of being stupidly busy.

Here's the deal-io: you enter contest (details below) by deadline, after deadline winner is chosen, winner gets book trailer custom made by yours truly! Examples of my BT's are here, here, or here. The book trailer really is more of a fan video for your book, but calling this a "Fan Video Contest!" sounds a little...sad. I'm not really sure why.

On to the requirements:

Leave me a comment to this post telling me why your book should be made into a fan vid/book trailer. Be as over-the-top, funny, serious, heart breaking, etc as you want. Just make sure you're convincing, because I'm not the one you must win over. I've decided that because I will already be so busy with (not doing) school work, I will leave the winner entirely up to you, my adoring public. I will give ya'll until Monday, the 11th, at 8pm EST to post your greatest reasons; then I will choose the best 3 entries and post them to be voted upon. The entry with the most votes by Thursday, the 14th, at 8pm EST will receive a fan-tabulous BT!

Yay? Yay!

Sidenote: You can enter more than once, just make sure each entry is for a different book. Variety is the spice of life! Make this contest spicy!

**Warning for those who are shy about novel-info sharing or who only have an unfinished novel: I will send the winner a list of questions pertaining to their novel to gauge what I can/should include in the BT. It will include a question about the finale (nothing too in-depth, so don't worry), because a lot of the BT is foreshadowing. So if you're shy about sharing or don't have a finale yet, you should probably hold off for now.**


Samantha said...

You know you've always wanted to a book trailer for a mutated alligator kid. A kid with a heart of gold. A kid that no matter what never judges people by their appearance. A kid that only wants love and acceptance.

Don't let Maverick down. He really wants a book trailer. Don't make him cry alligator tears. That would be so mean, Sara. He really likes you.

: )

Lisa said...

[Insert Official Title of Book 1 Here after it's been announced on our blog tomorrow] is Nancy Drew meets the DaVinci Code. Ooh and there's e-mails from dead people.

Pick us! Pick us!

Lisa said...

damn, we can't compete with Sam's.

Natalie Whipple said...

I've already won one, but I'm totally shameless. So I'll give it a go.

You must do one for "Relax, I'm a Ninja" because if you don't, the ninjas will come get you. And you know full well what ninjas can do. In fact, they're already in your house, watching you...no, you won't ever see them.

Besides, don't YOU want to dig through hundreds of HOT ASIAN guys to find Tosh? I know you do. Just picture finding the perfect brown eyes and tan skin, that clever smile on his face, his chiseled body from years of ninjutsu training...

Yeah, I thought so.

Renee Collins said...

Okay, I can SO top Natalie. My book has a hot, buff Latino guy as the love interest! And he wears tight white shirts! And he has a knack for fixing cars! AND he wears a double handgun shoulder holster!!!

Given that my book is post apocalyptic, I can't promise that the scenery would be very cheerful, but Marco more than makes up for that.

Mariah Irvin said...

"The Not-So Meet Cute" is about Piper, an awesome, red-head teenage girl in a rock band. Oh, and she can read minds. Her bangin' hot psychic boyfriend Simon doesn't mind though, and he's the only one who knows her secret.

But then they discover that the government is tracking Simon... *Gasp*

...through psychic girl. A beautiful, psychic girl.

What's Piper to do? Will her secret be revealed too?

I hope this left you begging for more!!!

Samantha said...

Since it might become a book one day, or at least lead to inspiration. Of course, all character names will be changed. YADA YADA YADA

Seven Letters

Two American Girls in Paris. Two hot French men. 24 hours. A story of unrequited love. A story with a very unexpected ending.

Mariah Irvin said...

Oh no! It's almost 8:00! Stupid internet!

Let me just say that if you don't pick my book, Piper might be forced to reveal your innermost thoughts all over the internet.

Just sayin'.

Mariah Irvin said...

P.S. It's not mind-reading like creepy Mel Gibson in "What Women Want". It's definitely way cooler.

Thought that might sway your opinion (in a good way)!