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Friday, May 8, 2009

Fantastic Friday!

Fantastic Thing-that-happened-in-the-past-week #1) Since the book formerly known as The Tudor Tool is at something of an impasse (which could have something to do with the fact that I'm not...actually...working on it...), I've decided to start plotting out Two Blue Lights. Because I can. Also, I've begun poking at Web again. My theory is that one of these three stories will eventually succumb to my persistence and let me write it. Until then, I will be as stubborn as they are being. Muahahaha.

Thing #2) The competition is getting FIERCE. And by fierce, I mean you should enter and make it even MORE fierce. What am I talking about? My third Book Trailer Contest, of course! You-- you haven't entered? Um, all the cool kids are doing it. Just sayin'.

Thing #3) I've started compiling a list of songs that make me cry a little, because I've discovered that there are quite a few. After catching up on the series finale of Scrubs last night (which in and of itself is cry-worthy) they finished with a song that made me realize I cry to a lot of songs. Here is the list I have compiled, should you, too, want to be so overcome with happiness/joy/ohmygoshcute that you cry.

Song 1: Book of Love by Peter Gabriel (Scrubs finale song -- I also heart this song because, well, it's about a BOOK. Win.)
Song 2: My Skin by Natalie Merchant
Song 3: River Flows in You by Yiruma (wordless, but something about the melody makes me get all pinched-face and weepy)
Song 4: Nicest Thing by Kate Nash
Song 5: Goodnight My Angel by Billy Joel (still makes me think of Twilight a little bit...)

Thing #4) Can't believe I almost forgot this one: mi prima Nikki Hensley got me a book called Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. So. Excited. Also, I now have my copy of Silver Phoenix. It, too, is in my nice little pile of books I shall read at some point in the near future.


Unknown said...

Aw, the Scrubs finale was so good! Book of Love was the perfect song for it too! Though it does make me wonder if they made that episode as a series finale, or if we have more seasons. And I'm torn- I definitely want more Scrubs, but if it was a series finale, it was a good ending episode.

Natalie Whipple said...

I'm so tempted to enter your contest again. Is that fair? hehe.

I hope you pick a book to write soon, because then I'll be able to read it sometime:)

lisa and laura said...

Hmmm...these new projects sound interesting. I think it's time for another Whippet (P-Clo's term for a snippet of a WIP)

Sarah Wylie said...

The snippets about your WIPs sound awesome:)

Mariah Irvin said...

That song on Scrubs made me sad too! Then my sister called me lame for getting upset that it was the last episode.

Samantha said...

I love the title! Two Blue Lights! I love it!

Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) said...

Came here b/c I saw your "dating an agent" video blog and it made me laugh.

I really like *My Skin*. It's one of my character's song.

That is, I hear a song in the car or on Pandora and the emotion or attitude, or whatever, is perfect for somebody-- clarifying things like history or motivation. Very cool.

And I really liked Bird by Bird. Have you read it yet? My writing is so jumbled in with my life (Dare I say mental health?) that I really appreciate how Lamott squooches it all together.

It's funny how you talk about leaving one book to work on another. It makes me think about something in a book called Chapter After Chapter where Heather Somebody talks about neglecting or abandoning your WIP for "the Sexy Next Book."

I laughed.

Another possible tear-jerker: "In My Arms" by Plumb

Sara Raasch said...

Amy! Thanks for stopping by :)

"In My Arms" IS such a good song! Thanks for reminding me! Adding that to the list, definitely!