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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Procrastination: "The Quest for Inspiration"

That's what I've decided is the true definition of procrastination. And it is true, right? Right.

Procrastination #1) Prepare to waste much time and money here. Greatest t-shirts EVER. And you can create your own, so I ordered a black hooded shirt with a Jolly Roger symbol in white. Best. Purchase. EVER. I have my friend Allie to thank for this awakening.

Procrastination #2) Suzanne Young tagged her friend Christy's blog post about making album covers. I went through the steps but didn't actually create it, as I don't feel particularly photo-shop-ee today. But my band was Louye, my album name was "A Secret that You Don't Know You are Keeping," and my album picture was a psychedelic orange flower. Sweet.

Procrastination #3) Um, chello, but Adam Lambert is soooo not like Edward Cullen, okay, Randy? Geez. I mean, Lambert's skin doesn't even sparkle. Psh. (American Idol references, in case you were wondering.)

Procrastination #4) Funny anecdote from work today: a British guy came in. British. Came into my work. To help you realize the gravity of this event, you must understand that I live in Hicksville, Mideastern USA. Corn, corn, tree, corn, corn, house, corn, corn, crow. So, needless to say, I was giggling like a little girl when this guy talked to me. But one of my coworkers waited on him, and here's the conversation they had:

British Guy: I need football *something that sounds like "shorts"*
Coworker: Okay, we have shorts right over--
BG: Oh no, my accent got you. Football SHIRTS.
Coworker: Oh! Okay, well, we have some here. *leads him to football jerseys, because apparently he was talking about American football*
BG: I don't know any teams. I like the black and gold one. Who is that?
*every Saints fan in America groans*
Coworker: That's the Saints, from New Orleans.
BG: Good, good. Is it expensive? *looks at pricetag* Sh-t no!
Coworker: *laughs*

Moral of the story: British people are just as fascinated with American stuff as we are with their stuff. This guy bought two jerseys for his kids (I'm guessing...they were little jerseys). I knew I sat here in America going "British stuff! British stuff!" in a squeaky voice, but I didn't realize British people sat over there going "American stuff! American stuff!" in a much classier squeaky voice. This experience was eye-opening.


lisa and laura said...

Fact of life #211, everything sounds better/classier/more expensive when said with a British accent.

Suzanne Young said...

haha. First, I love your blog skin. Second, Your album title would have sold million. Millions.

Natalie Whipple said...

Sara, thanks for helping me waste time. We all know I work way too fast.

Adam Lambert: what do you think? He's so androgynous I can't tell if I'm supposed to be attracted to him or not. Like his voice tho.

Tara Maya said...

LOL. I love British accents. Still like Aussie accents too, left over from when I had a huge crush on an Aussie hunk. ;)

Sara Raasch said...

L&L: Accents are dangerous. Things sound TOO much classier with them, which leads to being ripped off in foreign countries...my coworker and I actually discussed the dangers of this after he left.

Suzanne: Thanks! I think Christy's would've skyrocketed off the charts. I mean, how could you pass up a band called Indentured Servant, with an old guy smoking on the cover?

Natalie: I almost want to say Adam Lambert is gay...but then maybe not. But then maybe. Maybe not. Grr. I'm so confused too.

Tara: Ooo Aussies...mmmm. I don't know which is nicer. Tough decision. Then there's Irish too...and Scottish...

Alliegator said...

1. heyyyy... i thought you were making your shirt! ohhh... so now you have... oh okay. got it. lol
and you're welcome! ^-^ hahaha

3. tragically i haven't even glanced at Idol summaries/recaps/what-have-you... so i have no idea who anyone is or what their voices are like. so i googled this guy. lol
weird though, in my observation there's like one picture that looks semi-like Edward (but yeah, agreed that he still doesn't sparkle so no)

and then there's one that looks like how i pictured Jacob (just a little, weeee little bit... maybe?)

4. gaaaah! oh the British anecdotes that make our mundane lives worthwhile... hahaha i have to say every time i get a sandwhich at the deli i hope that one British guy is in line w/ me: "Um, yea can i get a tuirkey?" everything gets that lilting, tenative sound to it... ::sigh:: "would you love to get ma-rried?" lol

i had never thought about the whole British stuff/ American stuff concept either...
sorry 'bout the ghastly long comment... ;)

Sara Raasch said...

haha, I miss the British guys from school! Sad, I forgot about hearing them in line...lol, that only sounds a little bit stalker-y.

Samantha said...

ha. I lived in London on and off for three years - blame the parents. And sometimes I couldn't understand a word. Ever meet a cockney in a bar? I'd just nod my head, having no idea what I was agreeing to.

And Adam Lambart??? I'm wondering. Are you a boy who likes girls who likes boys who likes girls?