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Sunday, February 1, 2009

$300 and Pirates

I feel connected to this book on a my-story-has-to-do-with-pirates-of-some-sort-too level. I should've posted about this earlier, but I've been engaged in activities of the familial sort all day. So here I go now:

Today is the birthday of A.S. King's book, The Dust of a 100 Dogs. I had the immense pleasure of meeting Amy at the Backspace Conference last year, and may I say, I'm totally stoked for this release. She had a fantastic blog release party today/yesterday, but if you missed out on the prize-giving fun, fear not! Reviewer X has an INCREDIBLE contest going on over here. So go buy the book and enjoy some more piratic adventures!

(As soon as I get my copy (which should be Tuesday, Mideastern weather permitting), I'll get working on a review. Argh, mates!)

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