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Friday, February 20, 2009

Fantastic Friday!

It's that time of the week again. Yay for not missing Friday this time!

Fantastic Thing-that-happened-in-the-past-week #1) My fancy new blog! It's still taking some getting used to, but I'm satisfied.

Thing #2) New hair! Er, brighter hair. My hair was already a reddish concoction, but this time I went brighter and shorter.

This one just makes me laugh

Me in my fantabulous work shirt


Thing #3) I got my car back. This is now the second car that has had brake issues in the span of six months, and I'm thoroughly convinced my old car and my new car conspire against me. They sit next to each other on the driveway, and their conversation goes something like this:

Old Car: "Psst, psst. You know, my brake lines corroded last semester. And, like, it would be totally hysterical if you had brake issues too."
New Car: "Totally, man. She speeds*, so it'd be ripe with irony."
Old Car: "Rad man, rad. Do it! Do it!"

*I don't speed. My new car just has a love affair with the speedometer flicking to 70mph.

Thing #4) Okay, this is kind of a bittersweet "fantastic" thing. I started The Dust of 100 Dogs on Sunday. While it is fabulously well-written and had me glued to the page, I really, really, really cannot finish it. I love AS King, and love her writing, and am very sad I cannot do a full review of it, but because of my own weaknesses, I cannot. I don't do well with rape scenes. At all. And halfway through D100D, there is a very explicit scene. At least, explicit to me, and I regrettably have to stop reading. But this should be an odd complement for King -- it was so well written, it disturbed me (as such a scene should).*

Thing #5) I didn't have to wear a coat on Wednesday. Heat wave, baby.

Thing #6) Walmart's Valentine's Day candy + February 15th = 50% off. Chocolate, candy hearts, all for under $5.00. Mmmmm imagination stimulation food. Perhaps Web will stop being so darn illusive and finally commit to an outline? Only more chocolate will tell.

*I didn't mean for this to be a "Warning! Warning! Do Not Read!" disclaimer in anyway, shape, or form. It is a very powerful book, and I still heartily recommend it to those who can handle scenes like that better than I can.


Natalie Whipple said...

Love the hair! I too am a copperish red brown. Love it. Used to be blonde, what was I thinking?

Sorry about D100D, but thanks for the warning. I can't handle that stuff very well either.

Sara Raasch said...

I know! Red-heads totally have more fun!

I wish there was some rating on books so we'd know when they contain explicit scenes. I see YA, I assume it's always going to be 13-18 year old friendly. Which is not correct. There should be some scale similar to the PG, PG-13 thing that movies have.

Renee Collins said...

Cute new hair! I love red, but I don't think my skin tone would pull it off. Ah well.

I also love the sneaky pic. Cute! :)

Sara Raasch said...

Thanks, Renee!

Jill Wheeler said...

Cute pics! Mmmmm, chocolate!

K. M. Walton said...

Your hair looks great. New color is so much fun.

Sara Raasch said...

Thanks, KM and Jill! Yeah, hair color is TOO much fun sometimes. I'd love to go bright "Little Mermaid" red, but I think my family would have an intervention.