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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mmm. Bread.

So I sat down to write a blog tonight, and I had a number of possible topics.

1) Spring Break -- mine started on Tuesday *fist pump* and goes until March 29th *double fist pump*

2) How much I absolutely loathed this past quarter. So much, in fact, that it is now The Quarter That Must Not Be Named. Therefore nullifying my ability to blog about it.

3) Something deep and moving and motivating. But seeing as I'm still struggling with decisions and stuff, well, I don't feel necessarily qualified to be inspirational right now.

4) McDonald's Big Mac Snack Wraps. Seriously, folks -- THANK YOU TO WHOEVER INVENTED THIS. *triple fist pump*

5) Every food item that comes in a flour tortilla and the sudden horrific disappearance of wraps. Seriously, folks again -- a few months ago (er, maybe like a year ago) wraps were ALL THE RAGE -- we had the Arby's Marketfresh sandwiches you could get in wrap form. Super Subby's had wrapage available. Then, by some unforeseen and inexplicable turn of events, they all DISAPPEARED. Where have all the wraps gone?? It's not like it's terribly difficult to make wraps -- all companies have to do is buy flour tortillas and use the SAME ingredients they use in sandwiches anyway. Difficult? Nope. Then why did they disappear, huh? Why? WHY?!

6) But at least there's the McDonald's Snack Wrap. That has not yet abandoned me. If you had told me two years ago in Lifetime Wellness 101 when we watched Supersize Me that McDonald's would create one of my favorite foods, I would've gagged a little. But now I proudly raise my fourth fist pump to you, McDonald's. You may be single-handedly inflating America's youth, but at least I can enjoy a simple Big Mac concoction while I watch.

7) It might help to mention I'm severely allergic to yeast and therefore cannot eat bread. Yes, it sucks.

8) Yes, it sucks a LOT. Like I'm to the point where I would cut off a limb or take part in a global assassination plot for the ability to eat a Chicken Teriyaki on wheat with American cheese, mayo, lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes from Subway. *whimpers*

9) Darn, now I'm hungry.

10) What was this list for again?


Adam Heine said...

"You may be single-handedly inflating America's youth, but at least I can enjoy a simple Big Mac concoction while I watch."

Amen, sister. Amen.

Sorry about the yeast thing. If it helps, I'm hungry now too.

Renee Collins said...

lol, love the list. :) It totally works.

And I must say, when I heard of the Big Mac snack wrap, I thought "Who would buy that?"

Apparently people with bread allergies.

I am ashamed of my insensitivity.

Leigh Hutchens Burch said...

That is so unfair. You know, about the lack of bread in your life. I am sincerely sorry.

K. M. Walton said...

Ha - The Quarter That Must Not Be Named - ha! That's good. Well, I know it wasn't "good" for you, but it is brilliantly good on the wit-o'meter!!! And at least it's OVER.

The McD's snack wrap is also brilliant. Deliciously brilliant.

Hayley Lovell said...

The Quarter That ?Must Not Be Named, sounds simply evil. I'm sorry you and he were ever connected. Kudos for the name though, it's pretty clever! And now I'm hungry Sara, oooo never mind I'm not sad I'm hungry because it's an excuse to go to my favorite little quaint store and buy food from my favorite quaint store worker boy. Thanks Sara! Also if I knew what the list was for I would remind you but alas I have no clue. Sorry. It was a nice progression though!

Caroline Starr Rose said...

Just picturing all the fist pumping makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the wraps from Chick-Fil-A? It's like the most expensive thing on the menu (of course) but those are my favorite. And the best part? You can eat them for two meals because each half of the wrap is huge (well, for someone like me who can hardly finish a regular burger from McDonalds :P).

Kelsey (Dominique) Ridge said...

Happy Spring Break :D

Lisa_Gibson said...

Okay, now I have to go try the QP snack wrap. I was totally bummed that Arby's jettisoned their wraps. What's up with that?!
Enjoy spring break!