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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Results:

Due to a massively busy work weekend and two bouts of the flu (two separate people, don't worry), I didn't get around to posting the results of the survey until today. And it's actually due today too, so it's probably good that I get around to doing it.

I ended up focusing on those survey-takers who either had an eBook Reader or planned on purchasing one, and how they felt regarding the purchase of Real Books after they had their eReader. I got some fancy shmancy little charts from it:

*insert twenty minutes of me trying to figure out how to save a column chart as a picture*

*insert me still being rather loopy from being sick*

*insert me forgetting what I was doing in the first place*


Well, I guess we must be appeased with just the facts then:

Role Own eReader

Writer/Author 2

Other Publishing Professional 0

Reader 4

Total 6

Don't Own; Plan on Purchasing

Don't Own; Do Not Plan On Purchasing Total
16 31
0 1
16 26
32 58

Purchase Plans Still Purchase Hardcopies

Will Purchase eReader 14

Have Purchased eReader 4

Totals 18

Still Purchase Hardcopies of eBooks

Only Purchase Books not on eReader Total
4 20
1 6
5 26

Hopefully that transferred over well. Why can I transfer data from Excel but not charts? Eh, I'm too loopy to care right now.

But anyway, the results ended up being (albeit small results, and if one wanted a more certain answer, one would have to survey a LOT more people) that even with eReaders people would still buy Real Books. That, along with the number of people who are really, REALLY opposed to eReaders and eBooks, means that Real Books aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Again, more certain results would need to be obtained to make definite statements, but again, I'm loopy. Weeeeooooweeeee.

One an unrelated and somewhat disgusting note: I'm rereading Wintergirls. All I could think about during my lovely bout of vomiting this morning was Lia and how "pink" her insides felt. Which just made me even more nauseous. But damn that book is awesome.


Anonymous said...

I hope you'll feel better soon!

Hayley Lovell said...

Feel better soon! And I really have to get a copy of that book...onward to the library! And yourr package was put in the mail, today. So you should have is later this week, I hope you like it!

Mariah Irvin said...

Get better! I still haven't read Wintergirls yet... another one to add to the growing pile, I suppose.