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Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Bringing It Back

I realized a great injustice today. Well, I had realized this injustice for many days, but today I will act upon it.

For too long, the world has forgotten the AWESOME mini-series, The 10th Kingdom.

This mini series was, in a word, fantastic. More than fantastic. The characters were ohmygosh lovable and the storyline was PAINFULLY unique and so, so awesome I still get angry that I didn't think of it myself. The setting -- BEAUTIFUL. The costumes -- envy-inducing. And yet, it just kind of faded into movie oblivion.

So, so wrong.

Thus, I am rebirthing The 10th Kingdom. If you haven't seen, hopefully this blog post will convince you that you should run out to your nearest, um, amazon.com and order it. Because it is just that good, folks. We're talking Level 6 type good.

So here is my list of reasons why The 10th Kingdom is the best unknown mini-series movie thing ever. Yes, I set the bar quite high.

Reason #1) The people who made this movie are HYSTERICAL. They are brilliant actors who brought the characters to life so well I have trouble seeing them in other roles. Scott Cohen is just and will always be WOLF, no matter who he plays.

Reason #2) Everything sings. Rings sing. Mushrooms sing. Trolls sing. Rings sing. Did I mention the singing ring? (No, I couldn't find a clip. You'll have to watch it to see for yourself!)

Reason #3) Every fairy tale you could want is referenced. Jack and the Beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red, The Emperor's New Clothes, Rapunzel, and on and on.

Reason #4) Adventure. Lots, and lots, and lots of adventure. And not just any adventure. Like escaping insane farming villages. Dodging evil swamp witches. Breaking out of high-security fairy tale prisons. Running from psycho-killing huntsmen. Breaking gypsy curses. De-riddling frogs. Yeah. I thought you'd be interested.

Reason #5) Lots of really obscure meat references. Hey, Wolf is, after all, a wolf.

Reason #6) Romance. Wolf and Virginia. Virginia and Wolf. Just...sigh.

More reasons, in clumped-together-paragraph form:

Talking dogs, evil stepmothers, magic traveling mirrors, magic TALKING mirrors, dwarves, caves, waterfalls, love towns, modern-day songs in fairytale setting, magic wishing wells, village idiots, yummy food, pretty castles, fairies, sheep, and magic beans.

Now go here. You'll thank me later.


Natalie Whipple said...

I've actually seen this series several times. We had it on tape! Love it. Just fun. I knew I liked you:)

ChristaCarol Jones said...

This is THE BEST SERIES EVER OMG I LOVE YOU. I own it. I HAD to buy it, and at the time I was still working at said video store (from other comment) so got a discount. I still have it and haven't seen it in forever. You've revived my love for it, and I wonder if my 4 yo could watch it...hm....But yes, I'm a 10th Kingdom advocate, and I was hoping they'd make a continuation because I loved it that much.

CKHB said...

I love this series, owned it on VHS, then repurchased it on DVD! I used the trial scene in a law class once! LOVE.

Mariah Irvin said...

Why haven't I heard of this before? Anarchy, I tell you.

Sara Raasch said...

YAY!! I'm so glad to see people have watched this series! It isn't dead! Viva la 10th Kingdom!!

And Christa -- Yes, your 4 year old would LOVE this series! I think it's kind of like Shrek, in that it has humor for the adults while still being magical and sparkly enough for the kids.

Sara Raasch said...

Mariah -- WATCH IT. You won't be sorry.

Elana Johnson said...

Man, I need to see this. It's a movie, right? I guess I could click on the links... :)

Hayley Lovell said...

I have to see this, its on the Christmas list, it is going on the Christmas list. Have to get this, romance, I love the romance! Why didn't you introduce this to me before Sara?! Why?!?

Renee Collins said...

Hmm, never heard of it, but it looks fun. There aren't enough shows like this on tv. I'll have to see if it's on Netflix. :)

P.S. Wolf is quite dreamy. :)

Michelle D. Argyle said...

This is one of my FAVORITES! We own it. I need to get it out and watch it gain. LOVE it.

"Let it look at the oven in terror, then bring it out to me!"


Kayla said...

I love the 10th Kingdom so much. I've read the book and watched the series more than should be allowed lol

Wolf is my favorite
And how the trolls are always saying, "suck an elf" lol