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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Song!

There have been a lot of forces beyond my control this week. Not that they're bad forces; quite the opposite. But alas, these forces force me away from Blogger, where I could not force myself to force out a Fantastic Friday post. For sure.


Anyway, to make up for completely spacing on Fantastic Friday, I present: Saturday Song!

Just gotta snap to this song.


K. M. Walton said...

He's got a great voice - reminds me a bit of Keane.

Mariah Irvin said...

That was very relaxing. Thanks!

Natalie Whipple said...

Hmmm, why oh why possibly could you have spaced Fantastic Friday? Teehee. Hope it was FANTASTIC despite the no post:)

lisa and laura said...

*ahem* if there are fantastic things happening you'd better not forget the little people *cough* Fab 5 *cough*