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Monday, May 11, 2009

Book Trailer Contest Part Two!

Below you will find the three entries that caught my eye the most. Now it is up to you, my public, to narrow it down to one. *gasp* One? Out of all these lovely entries, there must only be ONE winner?? Sadly, yes.

So, if you would like to decide who should be bestowed upon with a fan-tabulous book trailer, vote in the comment section!

In no particular order:

Entry 1) "The Not-So Meet Cute is about Piper, an awesome, red-head teenage girl in a rock band. Oh, and she can read minds. Her bangin' hot psychic boyfriend Simon doesn't mind though, and he's the only one who knows her secret.

But then they discover that the government is tracking Simon... *Gasp*

...through psychic girl. A beautiful, psychic girl.

What's Piper to do? Will her secret be revealed too?

Let me just say that if you don't pick my book, Piper might be forced to reveal your innermost thoughts all over the internet.

Just sayin'.

P.S. It's not mind-reading like creepy Mel Gibson in "What Women Want". It's definitely way cooler.

Thought that might sway your opinion (in a good way)!"

Why I Chose This Entry: Um, I so don't want my innermost thoughts posted all over cyberspace. Are you appeased, Piper? Are-- are you? Mariah? Anyone?

Entry 2) "[Insert Official Title of Book 1 Here after it's been announced on our blog tomorrow] is Nancy Drew meets the DaVinci Code. Ooh and there's e-mails from dead people."

Why I Chose This Entry: Because I think L&L should just leave the title as "Insert Official Title of Book 1 After It's Been Announced on our Blog Tomorrow." Think about it, girls.

Entry 3) "Since it might become a book one day, or at least lead to inspiration. Of course, all character names will be changed. YADA YADA YADA

Seven Letters

Two American Girls in Paris. Two hot French men. 24 hours. A story of unrequited love. A story with a very unexpected ending."

Why I Chose This Entry: Because Sam's posts about this story have me unable to breathe, I'm so in love with it. Yes, technically it isn't a book. But I'm willing to make an exception for this one.

There you go! You have until Thursday, the 14th, at 8PM EST to vote. Have at it!

(Yes, you can vote for yourself. But only once ;) )


Mariah Irvin said...

Piper is thoroughly appeased.

Because I'm extremely biased (extremely) I'm going to have to vote for myself. Er, I mean, vote for Piper.

lisa and laura said...

Ok, so this is horrible, but I'm voting for Sam. I'm DYING to know what happens in her saga, so there you have it. (Laura is going to kill me!)

Natalie Whipple said...

Tough choices. I'm going with Mariah, I think. Maybe you should just do them all.

Renee Collins said...

I'm throwing in my vote for entry 1. Sounds cool! :)

Samantha said...

Okay. I'm voting for L&L. They need a book trailer for their blog. ASAP.

I can wait until the next one.

docta said...

They all seem great, but I'm a sucker for psychics and government conspiracies, so I'll have to go with #1.

Lisa said...

Sam - I feel like we're reliving the Gift of the Magi! Ha!