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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Following is a Highly Realistic Simulation

Hi, my name is Sara, and I'm an SD Addict.

What is an SD Addict, you may ask? Well, there's this show, see. And it's kind of the most FREAKISHLY AWESOME THING EVER.

But first let me lay the groundwork for why I am ADDICTED to this show.

I'm the person who always has Band-Aids, a flashlight, and a water bottle, ALWAYS, just in case. I'm the person who analyzes every room, vehicle, or location I enter for possible exits and what all the objects in that room/vehicle/location could be used for (barricades, weapons, insulation, etc). I'm the person who watches action movies, not because they're "exciting," but because I want to know how the actors get out of a high-speed bus that will explode if it goes below 50 MPH or how they outwit the madman who has kidnapped them. I'm the person who once got laughed at because I said the phrase "I read it in a book once," and then proceeded to tell the guy who laughed at me exactly how to make bread out of the simplest ingredients possible. Basically, I'm the person you want to be trapped on a deserted island with, because I'll have the life raft in my purse next to a flare and a length of rope. Because rope is always useful.

Suffice to say, I like to be prepared.

This is why the Spike show Surviving Disaster has me inexplicably and unavoidably ADDICTED. Not like my usual obsessions. This is a full-fledged I-could-eat-sleep-and-breathe-nothing-but-this-show-for-MONTHS-and-be-just-fine ADDICTION. I mean, what isn't completely amazing about watching a show that teaches you how to survive a plane hijacking? I want to know how to survive a plane hijacking! Or what about if your office high rise catches on fire? I want to know how to survive a flaming inferno! Or what about if you're vacationing on the coast and get caught in a hurricane? I want to know how to survive a hurricane!

There was really no reason for this post other than to shamelessly plug my latest ADDICTION. Also, I can't help but think that being prepared, in this world, is a good thing. Knowledge is power, and when that knowledge is pertinent to events that are happening right now, well, I'd say that's worth watching.

It also doesn't hurt that host looks like this.

Oh, and did I mention the next episode is about how to survive a home invasion? I squealed, yes, SQUEALED when I heard that. My parents are only a little bit concerned.


Wyman Stewart said...

I hope this show starts or ends with a disclaimer that their show may not apply 100% to any of these situations you may find yourself in. Oh well, go ahead and enjoy your survival addiction. I just hope your addiction does not kill you or drive you insane. It's hurricane season in Florida (June through November), so you might want to avoid Florida for a couple more months. Unless, you think you can survive a hurricane now. Hmmm! COME ON DOWN!

ChristaCarol said...

Very cool, I'm like this in some aspects lol

Mariah Irvin said...

If a genie lamp washes up on my deserted island, I would first wish for you to be there!

Renee Collins said...

See, I feel compelled to watch shows like this because I always think, "What if I was supposed to see this show today?? More often than not, they always just stress me out because I'm trying to imprint every detail in my mind. :)

Oh and yes, there is something quite attractive about that guy. Maybe it's that he's so strong and confident and you know he'd protect you. :)

Nick said...

Dude I like this show :)

Natalie said...

Cool. Sounds like excellent novel fodder as well.

Lisa and Laura said...

I am SO adding this to my TiVo. This sounds like extremely useful television viewing

sraasch said...

"Maybe it's that he's so strong and confident and you know he'd protect you. :)"

EXACTLY. He's not traditionally attractive, but then he starts busting down doors and ripping electrical cable down to make rope to scale a building, and it's like *swoon*