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Thursday, September 3, 2009



If you're looking for a fabulous time-waster, go here. Lulu.com's Titlescorer takes some info about your title, plugs it into their fancy little, well, titlescorer, and tells you what the chance is of your title becoming a bestseller. The results are based on 50 years of study, 700 published novels, blah blah blah. It's slightly discouraging, but super fun all the same.

My results:

According to Lulu.com's Titlescorer, Stream Pirate only has a 39.5% chance of becoming a bestseller. Blind has a 63.7% chance, White Like Ashes a 69% chance. That makes Stream Pirate my lowest ranked title. Sad. I rather liked it.

PS: Random chuckle for the day.


Mariah Irvin said...

How did you know I was looking to waste some time! Brilliance, I tell you.

Natalie said...

Yeah, Lulu is totally inaccurate. It said RELAX, I'M A NINJA only had a 20% chance of being a bestselling title.

Let's face it, we all know my title ROCKS.

K. M. Walton said...

The End of Normal scored a 44.9% not too bad and not too good either.

Renee Collins said...

How fun!

Miss Midas got 60%

Searcher 49%

Not bad. Though . . .*hangs head in shame* I confess to being a bit unsure of which exact grammatical words to describe my titles.

Gotta read me some more Strunk and White, I guess.

Renee Collins said...

btw, how tall are you? (noticed your new stuff on the sidebar.)

I'm 5'10. With shrimps like Kiersten and Natalie running around here we tall girls have got to stick together. ;)

sraasch said...

Renee -- Don't worry; I'm not sure I did the grammar part right either...and you've got one inch on me :) My sister, though, is 5'11. Yeah. My YOUNGER sister. We grow 'em tall in this neck o' the woods. I kind of envy Kiersten and Natalie though. They can wear heels without feeling like the Jolly Green Giant.

Renee Collins said...

lol, very true. I've always claimed to HATE heels, but I think that half of the reason is because I don't have the guts to wear them and be 6'3. :)

slhastings said...

The title Twilight has a 35.9% chance of being a bestselling title...

Lulu Sucks Lemons-- a play on words from the line of Yoga products, er, Lulu Lemon, (The title Lulu Sucks Lemons has a 10.2% chance of being a bestselling title).

Am I procrastinating, or what???