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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Love Astrology

I was tirelessly devoting myself to my studies (ie: I was bored during class) when I got on Yahoo! Astrology and found my career forecast for the year. Normally I brush off my forecasts with a chuckle and an it'd-be-nice, but this one was so awesome it couldn't be ignored. So here's the part that made me smile. Let's all join hands and pray it will come true. (Can you pray for astrological prophecies? Is that a conflict of interests?)

"During the summer months, a new contract opportunity may appear; go for it, but make sure you don't take on more than you can handle. You will be paid handsomely for what you do, and you welcome the challenges."

Yeah. "New contract opportunity"? Don't get overly excited, Sara. Don't do it. Don't--

Too late.


Natalie said...

That's lovely! Maybe I should dig around for mine. I haven't looked up that stuff for a long time.

Nikki Hensley said...

That's so exciting! A little ways off, but really cool!! Yay for astrologically predicted contracts!

sraasch said...

Careful, though, astrology becomes a great way to waste time!

Jill Wheeler said...

Woohoo, contracts!

I'm going to go check mine...