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Thursday, April 5, 2012


I feel like posting interesting inspirational news articles is a bit of a cop-out, because I'm letting someone else write my blog post for me. But I'm not proud enough to not do it.

So I have three words for you:

Liquid body armor.

Yeah. I know you're interested now.


Wyman Stewart said...

Quite an interesting concept.

At first I wondered how weather might affect it (humidity, freeaing, 100+ temps).

Then came an amusing thought: If covered from head to toe in this liquid armor, the soldier was
struck by rapid firepower, I wonder if a vibration effect might be created, within the liquid armor, which could vibrate the soldier to death within the protective covering?

Just a thought. Was a very interesting read. There is lots of scary stuff out there that has been developed or is being developed. "Resistance is futile," as the BORG like to say. Thank you!

Adam Heine said...

Awesome! Also when I got the writer's bio, I thought it said: "Bullet dancer turned defense specialist..."

And now I have a new novel idea.

J.R. Johansson said...

Dude! That is so cool! :) I feel like writing this into a book now.