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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Outlines Bring May Panic Attacks

As you may have guessed, I am in the midst of outlining. Ghost Book 2: Revenge of the Ghosts (working title), to be exact. Why, you may ask, am I outlining Ghost Book 2 when I was smack-dab in the middle of writing Dystopian Book?

Because I'm a horrible person. But that's beside the point.

So in honor of outlining (or as it's been: staring blankly at my scribbled notes while screaming internally "THIS DOESNT MAKE SENSE. NONE OF IT MAKES SENSE. Ah, to hell with it. 'And a meteor came crashing to earth and killed everyone. The End.' " Which is sounding like a very good twist ending. NO ONE WOULD SEE IT COMING.), I have decided to change the subject.

What (if anything) are you making for Easter Dinner? Or what is your favorite Easter food dish? And if you don't celebrate Easter: do you still eat the candy? Because I'd totally do that -- take advantage of other religions' holidays. Gotta work the system to your advantage, especially when chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies are involved.

Chocolate. Mmm.


Rachel said...

I'm Jewish so I am spending Easter not eating any bread products (UGH!). I have never eaten a Peep in my entire life but always wanted to.
Good luck with your ghost-y books, Sara. It sounds hard and a bit of a pain in the butt but you are a writer so i think all storylines do that too us :-P

Neurotic Workaholic said...

I like those Easter baskets, especially the chocolate rabbits. I like them better than the chocolates in those heart-shaped Valentine's boxes. Even though Forrest Gump thought it was a good thing that "you never know what you're going to get" in a box of chocolates, I'd rather know beforehand so that I don't spit the candy out. :)

J.R. Johansson said...

Hmm...you know, I never realized before, but we don't really have a traditional Easter dinner. Tons of candy...but no traditional dinner. I guess you see where our priorities are. ;-) Good luck with Ghost Book II! Whatever you end up writing, you know I'm down to read it. :)

Wyman Stewart said...

I am with NW on that box of chocolate. There's some pretty lousy chocolate out there, so I think it is best to know what you're sinking you teeth and tastebuds into.

Rachel or anyone, try a Peep, you won't beep, but you may weep, over what you've missed out on, for so long.

I can't cook, so I will have my usual "Killer Fast Food." I will try to look out for Bunny crossings, naturally. Don't want colored Easter eggs spilling all over the roadway, as Easter Bunnies make their deliveries. Besides, flying Bunnies confuse the birds.

Now, for my real message. Sara, go to your local library. Look for a book called "Too Many Ghosts" by Paul Gallico. You might have to request it through an interlibrary loan. Think it is either a 1950s or 1960s book. You might find it a little dated, if you read it. However, even though I read it over 30 years ago (I found it by chance), it had some interesting ideas in it, which you might find worth looking into.

For me, a great irony, I knew the author work best as a sports writer. He was part of a group of sports writers, who went on to successfully publish not-sports books and plays. But, that's another story.

Wyman Stewart said...

GRRR!!!! Google Blogger is so messed up I decided against editing, so sorry about the typos.

Kellylou said...

I just found your blog... and it's so late I really have no idea how I even ended up here... but that's beside the point. I just have to say that I am deliriously (did I mention how late it is?) happy that someone else is out there writing too many things at one time, throwing everything in the air and yelling mean things and then killing everyone. Uhm, figuratively, of course. I would never *actually* kill anyone. Well, I guess that's debatable too.
Well. This probably isn't the best way to introduce myself to someone whose blog made me so happy on a really, really, REALLY bad writing day.
But there it is.
:) Thanks for reminding me that yes, other writers struggle too.