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Saturday, December 25, 2010

End of an Era

Because Showtime is one of those silly, teasing stations that keeps its goods high above us lowly television subscribers, I have been without the final season of The Tudors for almost six months.

You remember my Tudor obsession, right? And how way back when I had Showtime and all was right with the world, I'd indulge you all with round-ups every Tuesday?

(Good god, that was a year and a half ago. *suddenly feels very old*)

Well, thanks to the miracle of Christmas, I am now the proud owner of the season 4 DVD, which I just finished watching about ten minutes ago. And while I shan't spoil it for all ya'll sad folks who have not yet discovered the television bliss that is The Tudors, I will say a few things.

Firstly, it took Henry four seasons and six wives to realize "Hey, maybe I shouldn't trust every man in my court." Good job, dude. I bet Anne Boleyn wishes you'd figured that out a bit sooner, but still.

Secondly, SO thrilled with their shout-out to Anne Boleyn. I have an unhealthy obsession with her, and if I could so choose, I would so choose to be her reincarnated. Kick-ass, snarky females FTW.

Thirdly, the final episode of the final season was very -- appropriate. Very everything-has-ended-and-we-will-all-move-on-now. Closure, I think most people call it. And as I was watching it, I couldn't help but think how life is so, so not like that (this is where I get deep. Be warned). Movies and television like to give us this false sense of security in convincing us that when something in our life comes to an end, everything leading up to that moment and everything proceeding it will pass through our mind in a content, I'm-ready-to-move-on montage. Usually set to a really pretty orchestral arrangement.

(Oh, I'm the only one who thought that's how life was? I'm going to continue my deep thought anyway.)

It definitely helps to reflect from time to time. Analyze why you've lived the way you've lived. But life does not pass by as neatly as a television series, and all the loose ends don't get tied up as perfectly as they do in novels and movies. Unlike Henry VIII we don't get to confront all of our past demons in depressing dream sequences or say goodbye to everyone we love in a tidy little ceremony. We have to forge our own endings, decide how our own loose ends get tied up, and create our own closure. Not always, of course, but standing around waiting for our orchestal arrangement to sweep us into an ending is -- cowardly. And that makes for a really boring story.

So here's to The Tudors and to the brave, brave people who undertook one of history's most involved, complicated, and insane stories. Showtime, you rock.


Dara said...

I'm guessing they made Henry VIII a lot more sympathetic in the show than the man ever was in history. He's definitely not a person in real life I'd ever want to meet. Every time I see that iconic picture of him, fat, smug and just play piggish looking and think about how he truly was, it makes me gag :P

However I'd be interested to see more about his wives than him. Anne Boleyn always fascinated me but I always felt bad for his poor first wife Catherine. She's the one I'd like to meet out of all of them.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Catherine was my favorite too. I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers though I agree his character was a cruel tyrant in real life.
I haven't seen the final season yet either so thanks for not spoiling it.

Tara Maya said...

We don't get a season finale montage? Damn, there goes my New Year plans.