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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

*rubs eyes*

Wha...wha...what is this thing?
Oh yeah. My blog.
Hey. So, it's been awhile. How are ya? I'm good. Gooooood. Well, okay, not THAT good. More like just "gooood". Yeah, that's about right.
Apparently graduating from college does not leave one with oodles more freetime, as displayed by my lack of postage. No one ever told me that constantly worrying about your future ambitions, hopes, and dreams and not having a CLUE as to what to do next can take up a LOT of time/energy. Who knew, right? I know I'm floored. And while I'm on the floor, I think I'll take a nap.
*twenty minutes later*

A bit better.

Anyhoo, apparently stuff has been HAPPENING in the blogosphere whilst I've been rocking gently in a corner by myself and muttering incoherent blabberings at the wall. I'm tired, so instead of linking things, I'm just going to write super excitedly. You can find links to everything in my sidebar thingamajig over yonder. Dontcha love my post-college vocabulary?
Firstly, a certain agency sister had a certain flipping awesome book come out.

Yay, Stephanie! Yay, Anna!

Go buy it. Now. I'll wait.


For those of you who already bought it, more news:

Renee Collins over at Midnight Scribe is now repped by FOLIO. Let that sink in. Huge, huge, HUGE congrats to her -- she's nice and pretty and talented and one of those all around awesome, calm-cool-collected types that make the rest of us look madly inferior. When I met her a few months ago (ha, look at me. Talking like I'm all important and stuff.), it was in Carrabba's (mmm) and she had an a-freakin'-dorable newborn with her during the entire meal. And while I would've been on mega panic-mode with a baby (mainly because, you know, I would've been going "How the heck did I get a newborn??"), she was totally cool and whitty to boot. So congrats, Renee -- take the publishing world by storm!

Hmm who else who else....

Oh, so the Roecker sisters have this book coming out. Not like it's going to be FREAKING AMAZING or anything. And they finally got a COVER for it. But not only that, you can vote on which cover you want to see sitting in the bookstore. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, guys.

I'm missing something. Not surprising.

So as not to overload on postage after such a long hiatus, I shall leave it at that while I go stare at my unfinished revisions of STREAM PIRATE before surrendering to the inevitable exhaustion and ending up on WoW for the rest of the night. Yes, I got a WoW account. I'm undecided as of now. Let me get back to you once I figure out how to stop DYING. That glowing orb-angel thing is my new BFF.


Natalie Whipple said...


Renee Collins said...

Aww, you are so SWEET! Thank you for the shout out and such kind words!

I do have to smile at your impression of me as cool, calm and collected, though. You've clearly never seen my moments of very teenage-esque angst and emo-ness. :) I'm not so calm then. But, you are very kind to say/think so! :D

Also, you've started playing WoW? I'm seriously contemplating starting as well! I was actually just talking to Natalie about it. The siren song of WoW Cataclysm has been drawing me in . . . :)

Jill Hathaway said...

Dude, I think the girl on L&L's cover #2 looks like you!

Samantha Vérant said...

LOL at Jill's comment. HAHAHAHA Glad you're back to blogging. No news on my end. What is WoW? Or should I not ask? It sounds like a game. I want to read Anna and the French Kiss for obvious reasons. I'll see if B&N has a nook edition, otherwise I'm SCREWED. Happy holidays! Glad you are ALIVE and KICKIN. Peace. Paix. Whatever.

Dara said...

You're playing WoW now? Another one has fallen! LOL. :P My hubby plays that game like crazy and has been obsessing about the new Cataclysm expansion. I played it for a brief time in college before I realized I am not coordianted enough to hit all the buttons in the time needed :P

Sara B. Larson said...

WoW just isn't my thing, but I sure know plenty of people who play it. You'll have to let me know what you think.

Hope you're hanging in there in your corner babbling at the wall. ;)