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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's Talk V



Must make it quick before my evil overlord Homework finds out I have escaped my box. *dims Laptop's screen* There, that should help.

So what shall I use this precious time to blog about? Something inspiring. Something ground-breaking. Something awe-inducing.


For those of you who have the misfortune of following me on Twitter, you know that every Tuesday at 10PM your Twitter feed is clogged with play-by-play tweets from me about a little show called V (Just V. It's far too cool for a fullfledged name). For those of you who don't, well, you're seriously missing out. Because my #thoughtswhilewatchingV tweets are hysterical. Sometimes.

The season finale was on last night (but not the series finale! One more season! *fist pump*), and I got chills on the last scene. Partly because of the music (which was AWESOME -- but I cannot find a clip of it ANYWHERE online. Unless you watch the season finale episode.) and partly because it was one of those finales that makes you want to DO something. It shows everything (in this case, humanity) hovering, waiting on the edge, with everyone on both sides holding their breath.

I love stories like this. I'm constantly drawn to the epic, world-changing, apocalyptic stories where everyone is parted, "good" and "bad." Where people have a visible (though not always clear-cut) enemy to fight. I know, for me at least, that's why I love those stories. Because they give us an enemy we can SEE, an enemy we know is wrong (even if the characters don't know it), and an enemy we know can be defeated. And this knowledge swells up in the final scene, with everyone looking at the camera with this the-end-is-near-but-so-is-the-beginning look. And you KNOW they will succeed.

Because sometimes technologically advanced aliens with impenetrable ships the size of football stadiums and creepy hypnosis-type powers seem far, far more beatable than our own everyday enemies. Enemies like doubt, self-esteem, and depression. One thing doubt, self-esteem, and depression have in common though: they originate in us, and turn ourselves into enemies, which is an ironically detrimental enemy to fight. Which is why, I think, it seems so much easier to defeat an entire alien race. They are them and we are us, and the sides are drawn clearly.

If only life could be as clear-cut as stories. But sometimes it is. Sometimes, when the story ends with an overwhelming victory and the "good guys" smile that smile of "We did it. It's over," we get this sense of "Yeah. It CAN be over." Because if they can save the world from emotionless aliens with magic blue energy grenades and really, really form-fitting dresses, then we can certainly save ourselves from ourselves.

Hey, look! That did turn inspiring. Oh, crap! *dodges flying pencil*

What are you doing out of your box?!

I-- missed human contact.

You'll get contact when you SUBMIT YOUR PAPERS.

*mumbling* I'll submit my papers somewhere.

Excuse me?

Nothing. See ya'll in about a month. *returns to box*


Hayley Lovell said...

I love those kinds of story lines too Sara, and you're not the only one being held captive by homework, I just turned in a paper, a month and two days late. Summer isn't getting here soon enough.

Natalie Whipple said...

That turned out much deeper that I thought it would be...dude.

Sara Raasch said...

Hayley -- I wish I could turn my papers in that late. If I waited that long, the quarter would be over. They should have rolling deadlines, right?

Natalie -- I didn't expect it to get serious either. I just wanted to chat about the awesomeness of V, then lo and behold, it became even MORE awesome by getting all deep on me. Sneaky show.

ChristaCarol Jones said...

Check out the band Muse, I know they have music on V (and I love their music) maybe it's them?

Mary E Campbell said...

Love V - so know what you mean about aliens being easier to defeat than our own enemies.

Anonymous said...

Seriously deep there at the end. Go you! :)

Summer's coming and soon you will be out of homework's evil grasp.

Hayley Lovell said...

I wish you could turn your papers in that late too! Also I posted pics go look!