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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mood Music: Romance Scenes

My repertoire of snappy blog posts is running dry. Has been running dry, actually, since mid-summer. Alas, inspiration is not what it used to be.

Thus I shall venture into a widely discussed topic: music. We are all well aware that music and writing often go hand-in-hand. Whether it helps you get in the mood to write a particular scene or you let it play silently in the background while you work, music is a good source of instant inspiration. The espresso double shot of the creativity world, if you will.

In that vein of thought, I hereby dub this blog post the first in the Mood Music series. What songs do you play to set the mood for writing romantic scenes? Is there a certain song that will always kick-start your romantic juices (um...don't think about that for too long. It may get dirty.), or is there a combination that's different for each story?

I usually choose a variety of songs for each story, but there is one song that will always put me in that romantic frame of mind:

This just made me realize that most of my story couples have tragic ends. Hm.

So, fire away! Let's get those romantic juices flowing! (Okay, that does just sound dirty...)


Mariah Irvin said...

That sound is depressing! Once, when he went on a talk show, he said that that song is usually played at funerals.

I really love to use Coldplay's "Yellow", "Sparks", or "Trouble", Death Cab For Cutie's "I Will Possess Your Heart", Snow Patrol's "Make This Go On Forever", and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Maps".

Sara Raasch said...

I LOVE Snow Patrol's "Make This Go On Forever." I've added it to my list of songs pertaining to "Stream Pirate" ;)

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

I try to pick romantic songs that actually go with the scene so I have a few. Snow Patrol's "Make This Go On Forever" is actually on my playlist (you can see it at the bottom of my blog) and I added it after I wrote this one particular scene where my romantic couple are deciding for different reasons they can't be together and are fighting it-and the lyrics were like this perfect mirror of what I wrote. Also "The Love Letter" by Blaqk Audio is good and fits since mine is a forbidden love. I have two songs that just remind me of my couple but I haven't found a scene that works for them quite perfectly yet bot are by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus "Cat and Mouse" and "Your Guardian Angel"

Also I LOVE Aqualung's "Strange and Beautiful"

Sara Raasch said...

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is amazing; I'd forgotten they did "Your Guardian Angel." Beautiful song!

Renee Collins said...

See, I'm a big fan of film scores. They have so much emotion written into them. Here are some romantic film score songs that have gotten me through many a love scene.

Latika's Theme, from Slumdog Millionaire.

Lovers, from House of Flying Daggers.

The love theme from Braveheart.

And many, many others. Look them up on youtube. They're golden.

Natalie Whipple said...

Wow, that's depressing! I guess I have a few of those. "You Could Be Happy" from Snow Patrol was a major song for Sealed. Also "Love Is The End" by Keane.

I have a bunch of happy stuff too, though. Like "Oh, It Is Love" and "Baby It's Fact" from Hellogoodbye were some of my favs for both Void and Relax, I'm a Ninja.

Sara Raasch said...

Renee -- I love the theme from Slumdog Millionaire! Such a beautiful score. Movie scores always evoke really amazing emotions.

Natalie -- I should take a look at those happy songs...don't have too many of those on my laptop, lol