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Monday, April 13, 2009

100th Post Extravaganza!!

The moment you've all been waiting for is HERE! Sara's 100th Blog Post Extravaganza!

*blows noise maker*

So I have been toying with what to do. It had to be big. It had to be AWESOME. I mean, after all, I have been making my mark on the blogging world for 100 posts now. That's saying something. Literally.

Then I came up with it. The most awesome thing to do: a scavenger hunt.

Yep, a blog post scavenger hunt. *gasp* I know, right? Wanna play? Do ya do ya do ya??

All righty, here's how it's going to work. I'll do it in step-by-step format because it's more fun that way:

Step 1) Read and answer the three questions below (don't worry, they aren't stupidly hard).

Step 2) Your answers will lead you to certain blog posts. In those blog posts I have pasted links to pictures. Find the blog posts, click on links, see pictures.

Step 3) Here's where it gets fun: You now have two options. You can send me an email at seesarawrite(at)gmail.com telling me only what pictures I linked to OR you can send me an email telling me what pictures I linked to and also WHY I linked to those pictures. It doesn't have to be a legitimate reason; in fact, it'd better not be. Come up with the zaniest, craziest reason I would've linked to those three pictures.

There will be two winners. Winner #1 will be randomly drawn from the people who sent their guesses of what the pictures are. Winner #2 will be the funniest, wackiest of the "why I chose those pictures" tales. (Sorry, Winner #2 -- you can't also be Winner #1, so your name won't be in that drawing.)

Confused? That's okay. Here's an example:

You found all three pictures. For argument's sake, let's say they were of a banana, a field of corn, and a candle. You send me an email saying, "Sara, your game was dumb, but I found all three pictures. Banana, field of corn, candle. Ha." I put your name in drawing. OR you can email me saying, "Sara, your game was stupid, but I beat it. Ha. Banana, field of corn, candle. Haha. And you chose those pictures because you have an obsession with the color yellow. Hahaha." I put your name in the drawing, but I'm sorry, that is not funny enough to make you Winner #2.

Better? I hope so.

But I haven't answered the most important question: what do the winners GET?

Winner #1 will get their choice of one of the books I have reviewed. (Though, after my oh-so-delicate ripping-apart of some of these books, I may have made them look a *tad* less appealing.)

Winner #2 will get their choice of one of the books I have reviewed AND get the super fabulous Prize Pack of Pure Awesome. It's filled with all kinds of surprise writerly goodies.

Now that I've made this much more difficult than it needs to be, here are the questions!

Question #1) What was the seventh book I reviewed?
Question #2) Who won my first book trailer contest?
Question #3) What is the name of the university attended by my MC in Blind?

Yay! Have fun :)

Oops, need a deadline, don't we? Let's set it for Wednesday at 10pm EST.

Oops again -- I just realized it's Monday, and I missed Project Perk last Monday due to illness. But what better way to perk everyone up than with a scavenger hunt?


Kiersten White said...

Oh, awesome. You know how to do a contest! I'll be back.

Samantha said...

Woohoo! 100 posts...

(that's all I got for now)

Natalie Whipple said...

Oh, I'm so on this. Though I wasn't around for #3...must search hard. Rawr.

Renee Collins said...

SWEET! I'm getting straight to work. :D

Sara Raasch said...

Teehee, yay! Glad everyone's excited :D

lisa and laura said...

So glad we have until Wednesday! This looks like so much fun!

K. M. Walton said...

Congrats on your 100th post!!!!!

Nikki said...

yay blog contest!