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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Book Trailer Contest #2!

Calling all novelists who wish to see their stories on the big-ish screen!

For those of you just tuning in, you leave a comment to this post answering whatever off-the-wall question I come up with, I enter all names into a fantabulous random number generator at the end of the given time period, and the winner gets a book trailer custom made by me! Examples of past BT's are for Jill Wheeler's book, Nikki Hensley's book, and my book. Sound fun? Let's get to the good stuff!

If you want to be entered into the contest, tell me what country you would choose to live in (other than the one you are in) and why. Told you it would be off-the-wall.

I'll set the deadline for this Thursday at 9PM, and barring a freak accident, I will not push it back again. Promise.

Ready? And...GO!

**Warning for those who are shy about sharing info about their novel or who only have an unfinished novel: I will send the winner a list of questions pertaining to their novel to gauge what I can/should include in the BT. It will include a question about the "finale" (nothing too in-depth, so don't worry ;) ), because a lot of the BT is foreshadowing. So if you're shy about sharing or don't have a finale yet, you should probably hold off for now.**


Renee Collins said...

Yay, book trailer contest!

Okay, I'll say that I would live in Ireland. Why? Because it is gorgeous, for one thing, and also because it has rich cultural and historical sights. And also because the people speak in awesome accents. :)

Natalie Whipple said...

You already know this, but NEW ZEALAND. The place has everything. Scenery of Middle of Earth, Maoris, English Speakers (with awesome accents), extreme sports, and sheep. Heaven on Earth.

Sara Raasch said...

If Ireland and New Zealand could be combined into one country, I'm certain the earth would implode on that spot due to extreme perfection.

Samantha said...

I would live in Thailand. That way, I could play with baby tigers and elephants every day.


Tara Maya said...

Oh, goodness, so MANY possibilities... I love traveling. I will have to go with Tuvalu.

True, there is nothing to do there and it will soon be submerged under the sea, but it is a tropical island, sold its country designation (.tv) for $$$$ to put into a bank account for all the citizens to share (so they'll have money to relocate once the island is underwater) and the capital is named Funafuti.

Say it fast. "Funafuti is the capital of Tuvalu." C'mon, that's cool. :)

Sara Raasch said...

Tara -- Where is Tuvalu? I've never heard of that country. But you're right, it is fun to say ;)

lisa and laura said...

Crap! We're late. But I'm still technically on island time which naturally runs 2 hours later than normal time, so we can still enter, right!?

Either way, I'd want to live in Italy mainly because I'd gorge myself on pasta and gelato. Plus it's totally gorgeous.

Sara Raasch said...

L&L -- You're not late! It's only Wednesday here. At least, it's Wednesday to me...my days are a little messed up. Either way, consider yourselves entered :)