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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


TODAY. Today is the day I invite you to:

What is the Blizzard? Why should you join? And why today, of all days? Well, today is a very important day in 2013. One of four very important days in 2013, actually: the first day of a season change.

In SNOW LIKE ASHES, there are four "normal" kingdoms and four season kingdoms: Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Because of the importance of seasons in SLA and how giddily happy seasons and season changes make me, I'm starting season-themed SLA giveaways! How they will work:

On the first day of each season both this year and next year, I will be giving away increasingly-awesome SLA swag packs. They'll start out with season-themed goodies and will grow to eventually include ARCs and SIGNED COPIES as it gets closer to SLA's launch.

That means you will have EIGHT opportunities to win various SLA goodness on top of all the crazy launch stuff I'll do next year. And knowing me, I will make it as simple as humanly possible to give you stuff, because you're pretty and I like you and I want you to have stuff.

Aside from getting a chance to win fun season-themed awesomeness, when you enter these contests, you will become part of the SNOW LIKE ASHES Blizzard.

Blizzard? Sara, that sounds dangerous. We want swag, not destructive weather. WE WON'T STAND FOR THIS.

Now now, would I cheat you in such a way? I mean metaphorical Blizzard. Blizzards are volatile, powerful things caused by wicked weather and frigid temperatures. But no blizzard would be effective without each individual snowflake that makes it so very whirling and scary and powerful. The same with books -- books are volatile, intense things, but would ultimately be nothing without each individual reader who makes them so very powerful.

By spreading news of these seasonal contests via Twitter, adding SNOW LIKE ASHES on Goodreads, commenting on this post, and more, you contribute to the great and terrifying storm that in Fall 2014 will result in SNOW LIKE ASHES. This book will be nothing but a sad little flurry without the support and loyalty of readers like YOU!


As an outward symbol of your Blizzard status, every seasonal prize pack will come with a special snowflake charm (handmade with love by yours truly)!

You create the storm!

For this very first seasonal SLA Blizzard Giveaway, the prize pack includes a whole slew of fantastic SPRING goodies. In SNOW LIKE ASHES, the Spring Kingdom is a kingdom built on war, which might seem like the opposite of what spring the season is -- flowers and growth and life renewed. Even though the Spring Kingdom is battle-hardened and controlled by a ruthless king, it still embodies the beauty and art that spring the season emanates so very well. Thus the prize pack for the SLA Blizzard Giveaway: Spring Edition is stuffed full of spring prettiness.

A bag of the finest spring wildflowers, a chick stress ball to combat those stressful winter blues, and the richest, most decadent of all Easter candy: Lindt Spring Truffles!

Have I tempted you enough? Now, onward to the SLA Blizzard Giveaway: Spring Edition! Join the BLIZZARD, win free stuff!

To enter the Spring SNOW LIKE ASHES giveaway and become part of the Blizzard, obey the Rafflecopter gods below. The Spring SLA Blizzard Contest runs March 20-April 2, and the winner will be announced April 3, 2013. Open internationally, so have at it!

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Dara said...
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Dara said...

Favorite season: fall. Relief after the hot summer; the lovely colors on the trees, the smell of cinnamon and pumpkins in the air...all reasons for it being the best season of all.

Michelle D. Argyle said...

Whee!!! I was wondering what all of this was! Exciting!

Kathryn Purdie said...

My favorite season is also autumn. I love it when it's not too hot, not too cold. I love the mountains with colorful, changing leaves. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving and all the family time surrounding those holidays.

I love this BLIZZARD idea, Sara. So cool!

Kathryn Rose said...

I'm so excited for these giveaways! You already know autumn is my fave. :D BIG Thanksgiving girl over here, and in Canadialand, the leaves are JUST BEAUTIFUL. Sigh.

Jillian Schmidt said...

Oooh, I love this blizzard idea!
My favorite season has always been autumn - I love that crisp, scarf-and-latte weather. Though I have to say that summer is rising in the ranks now that I live somewhere with low humidity and temps that stay below 90.

Renee Collins said...

Ahhh, so THIS is the blizzard! What a fun idea!

And my favorite season is summer. HANDS. DOWN. I love to swim. I love picnics outside. I love heat. I love to be out at night and not have to wear a coat.

Nikki said...

My favorite season is probably late summer. It's blazing hot here in the summer, but when it starts to cool off, I bet I'll like it.


Danielle D said...

My favorite season is summer, that's when my birthday is :)

J.R. Johansson said...

You rock, Sara. That is all...

Oh wait, no it isn't. My favorite season is Spring. I love the flowers blooming and no blistering heat or freezing wind. :)

Lauren @ YABookSpot said...

Hi! Well first I may have entered goodreads two times because I had to switch computers so sorry! Onwards... My favorite season is actually winter. I know what you're probably thinking: 1) I'm lying or 2) I'm crazy. But I'm neither of those two things (okay maybe a little bit of 2, but I'm a teen girl). The reason why I love winter is the reason why people hate it: the cold. I love snow and just the overall aspect of winter.

Robin said...

I'm a Fall girl, all the changing leaves crunching and clean cold fall air is perfect Robin weather. also, I'm a total nerd, so fall meant the start of school :-)