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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


To be considered awesome, covers need to have a variety of elements.
1) Sex appeal. Preferably male sexiness, but hey, girl sexiness works too. Sexiness to some degree.
2) Creepiness. Creepiness in any amount, really -- a shadow in the corner, a picture that doesn't quite fit. Or the entire thing can just be one big splotch of creeptasticness. That's good too.
3) Kissable Lips. You heard me.
My dear, dear, amazing and creepy friend JR Johansson wrote a book that fits the bill to have such a cover as described above. And lucky for her, her cover artist DELIVERED. All three elements needed for an awesome cover IN ONE CREEPY SEXY KISSABLE PACKAGE.
Don't believe me? Think nothing that awesome could ever possibly exist? Think again.
COVER. COVER WONDER. KISSABLE LIPS. Try not to make out with your screen.
And in case you were wondering -- yes, her book IS just as awesome as her now fully-revealed-and-awesome cover suggests. STILL don't believe me? YA Books Central is giving away an ARC of INSOMNIA! So find out for yourself and then you can come back and rave about the awesomeness inside and out.
Congrats, Jenn!!


Candice said...

You're so funny, Sara. And Jenn's cover is amazing!!

J.R. Johansson said...

Thank you, Sara!

Yes, you captured it all in three points.

Sexy - CHECK!
Creepy - CHECK!
Kissable - CHECK!

:) Thank you for this post. You are a dear friend and make me happy.

*tackle hugs*