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Saturday, June 2, 2012

And then a meteor came crashing to earth...



...is what I feel like writing when I get to the Editing Point where I just. can't. read. my book. anymore.

Which, in all fairness, has never really been used to end a book. NO ONE WOULD SEE IT COMING. Unless your book is about meteors crashing to earth.

But, yes, I finished another round of edits on Ghost Book. I am finally to the point where (as mentioned above) I am so tired of reading my book that blasting the crap out of my writing world sounds more fun than reading it anymore. This is, weirdly enough, how I know I am close to being done, edit-wise.

And because I'm fried from another Editing Sprint (this time a three-day editing sprint), I ask you: how do YOU know when you are done/close to being done with editing?

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Wyman Stewart said...

THE END, gave rise to a new beginning: Evolution of the Insects. Among the most formidable, King Ant, who led the "Reign of the Ant" ("RANT", for short).

King Ant, the first speaker among insects, proclaimed, "I am ruler of the Earth!"

Thus began the "Horrors." Where does it lead to?

(Edited version of the future international best seller to be written later.)

I think you will just know.