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Tuesday, March 27, 2012



I never know whether to wish a Happy Release Day to the author or the book or the main character. Dilemma.

Anyway, the point is, TODAY Jill Wheeler's debut novel SLIDE hits shelves. If you haven't heard of it yet (we don't judge here. But seriously. *judgey glare*), watch this FREAKING AWESOME video trailer:

In honor of SLIDE's Birthday, Jill is hitting the marketing scene HARD. She's midway through a Blog Tour of Awesome (deets of which can be seen here). You can take a sneak peak inside SLIDE here. AND, most awesome of all, there are CONTESTS. Contests in which you can win SLIDE and SLIDE stuff and tons of other awesome MURDERY THINGS.

Or, er, well, not murdery things exactly. Because that'd be weird. But SLIDE is about murdery things, and, um -- moving on.

Jill herself is doing an iPod Nano PLUS an iTunes Gift Card giveaway here.
There's a Goodreads giveaway here.

And I'm sure through following the Blog Tour of Awesome, you will stumble on a FREAKIN' TON MORE of SLIDE goodies.

And of course, if you're out and about near a bookstore, be sure to stop by and wish SLIDE a Happy Birthday in PERSON. I'm sure Vee will appreciate it.


J.R. Johansson said...

Wow, this sounds awesome! I'll have to check it out. :) I love me some thrillers.

Carolyn V said...

Hey, how come it took me so long to find your blog? I'm glad I finally found it! =D

Jill's book sounds awesome! I hope it's super successful!